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How To Select Christmas Wine Glasses?

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How to select Christmas wine glassesWines play an integral part during the Christmas parties. Whether to complement with the Christmas dinners or to toast them in glasses alone, wine is undoubtedly the soul of all Christmas parties. And if serving wine the perfect way is a must for you, then the constant question of how to select Christmas wine glasses would lurk in your mind. Read on for tips to select the right kind of wine glasses...









Some Tips to Select Christmas Wine Glasses

The basic rule to select wine glass for Christmas is defined by the kind of wine that is served. Every wine has its own flavor and its own way of drinking them.


Red Wine Glass

If red wine is what you plan to serve this Christmas, then choosing a red wine glass is aHow to select Christmas wine glasses must. These are designed differently from other glasses. The difference in shape is not just for the sake of being different, they are designed differently with a specific purpose in mind.

Red wine glasses typically come with a shorter stem. This is mainly because, while drinking red wine, it does not matter whether you hold the stem or the bowl of the glass. For wines in general, holding the bowl transfers your body heat to the wine, which in turn warms the wine slightly. While for other wines, this might affect the intrinsic flavor and aroma of the wine, red wines remain unaffected. Thus, you can either hold the stem or the bowl of the wine glass while drinking red wine. Therefore, the stems of red wine glasses are made small.

Similarly, the bowls of the red wine glasses are larger. Larger bowls allow red wine more exposure to air, which in turn, enhance its flavor. The bowl also comes with a slight taper of its lip on the top, which is designed to deliver the red wine to the right parts of the mouth - the back and sides of the tongue that are most sensitive to the wine’s taste. Thus, for serving red wine, always choose the red wine glasses only.


White Wine Glass

How to select Christmas wine glassesThe white wine glass, on the other hand, always comes with a tall and elegant design. This wine glass has a longer stem to allow you to hold the glass stem and drink the wine more easily. Unlike red wine, holding a glass of white wine from the bowl warms it up slightly and affects the characteristic flavor and bouquet of the wine.

Similarly, white wine glasses come with smaller bowls. White wines do not need to be aerated or exposed to air and hence, the smaller bowls. The tapered lip on the top of the bowl not only concentrates the bouquet of white wine, which is generally more mild and nuanced than the bouquet of red wine, it also delivers the wine to the proper place in the mouth, which is the front portion.


Sparkling Wine Glass

A typical sparkling wine glass is flute shaped – tall, thin and slender. Being thin, it has aHow to select Christmas wine glasses reduced surface area, which in turn, keeps the wine colder. The tall, flute shape also allows the proper development of the bubbles, which is the very essence of the sparkling wines. Therefore, serving sparkling wine in appropriate glasses is very important. Also, while serving sparkling wine, fill the glass or flute only till half or two-thirds of its volume. Tilt the glass at an angle while pouring the wine in it. Do not let the sparkling wine sit for long before serving it, as this may make the wine go flat and lose its crispness.






Each wine has its own sets of glasses in which they need to be served. The shapes of the glasses enhance the flavors and aromas of the wines, thereby enhancing the overall experience of drinking wine. The tips above will definitely, help you select Christmas wine glasses this year and make the hearty occasion of wine-drinking during the Christmas a true celebration of its mood and spirit.


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How To Select Christmas Wine Glasses?