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Hanukkah Party Ideas: How To Plan Vegan Hanukkah Party Menu

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Meat and dairy foods are a staple at most Hanukkah parties. However, if you are a vegan and abhor the idea of even attending such parties, then why not throw a vegan Hanukkah party at your place and let your friends relish a completely vegan table spread. In case, you are wondering about how to plan vegan Hanukkah party menu and need some Hanukkah party planning ideas then do read on for here I have shared some easy vegan Hanukkah arty menu ideas. So read on and know more….


Party Menu Theme: Before you start planning the vegan Hanukkah party menu, you need to first decide menu theme, i.e., do you want to stick to traditional Hanukkah foods, serve a generic vegan party menu, or have a mix of the 2. The theme that you decide should depend upon your guest list, their age group, are they all Jews who know about Hanukkah, is it a mix crowd, etc. The food that you will include in your menu will depend largely upon the theme that you choose.


Traditional Vegan Hanukkah Party Menu: The beauty of traditional Hanukkah foods is that they can be easily modified into a vegan dish. For instance, the omnipresent chopped liver can turn into a legume based mock chopped liver; latkes can be made without the egg binder and crème topping, and apple strudel can be made without eggs. My favorite traditional vegan Hanukkah party menu would include, Vegan Hanukkah latkes and carrot Tzimmes for appetizers, Sweet and Sour Cabbage Borscht as soup, main course would be Vegan noodle kugel and mock chopped liver, and I would end it off with vegan fig jam filled sufganiyot. Sounds interesting right, am sure it your guests will love it.


Generic Vegan Party Menu: In case you are expecting quite a few non Jewish guests to your Hanukkah party and not very comfortable about serving the traditional Hanukkah food to them, then a generic vegan menu will do equally fine as long you include at least one traditional Hanukkah food, just to keep the festive spirit alive. The menu options for a generic vegan party are infinite and limited only by your imagination. My take on a generic vegan party menu would be, fruit punch for the drinks, Vegan Latkes for the traditional touch, cream of mushroom soup, Roast butternut squash and tofu kheema for main course, and Vegan apple strudel for dessert.

Fusion Vegan Hanukkah Party Menu: I believe this is the bet when you have a mixed crowd or expect a large number of kinds at your Hanukkah party. You can mix and match the traditional with contemporary and generic with ethnic to create a wonderful color and personality to your party menu. You can either serve 2 items for each course, one traditional and one generic – if you are going to have a large crowd or stick to generic for drinks and desserts and traditional for main course and appetizers or vice versa - the choice is yours. However, remember to have a theme when planning the menu stick to a color code, or texture, or feel when selecting the dishes. This will allow you to have a flow to your menu.

Last but not the least, once your planning is done, cooking finished and the table is arranged, do not forget to relax and enjoy the feast along with your guests.  Happy Hanukkah everyone!

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Hanukkah Party Ideas: How To Plan Vegan Hanukkah Party Menu