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Top 5 Christmas Food Ideas

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Christmas foodsIts Christmas season and new food ideas are always welcome. Read on for the top 5 Christmas food ideas which can add that extra dazzle in your festivities.













5 Christmas Food Ideas that are Easy to Make


  1. Christmas Party Pinwheel - This is an amazing finger food that will wow your diners.  They look great on the table with green onions, red bell pepper, red pepper jelly,  red bell pepper jelly and red bell pepper. Prepare these with finely chopped chicken, chopped lettuce, sharp cheddar cheese, light cream cheese, sour cream, and tortillas.
  2. Asparagus Beef Appetizer -  Shifting to beef from the regular turkey recipes can be a change worth considering. The recipe tastes equally good with  lettuce, cucumber, or some roasted red bell peppers. Roasted red bell peppers can be bought from your local department stores, as they are sold in jars, and normally placed besides the pickle bottles. Other than the roasted beef and asparagus,   creamy horseradish sauce, dash peppers, and flour tortillas would be needed to make this.
  3. Festive cheese balls -  Cream cheese is commonly used in the preparation of  cheese balls, but soften them at room temperature at least half an hour before you start working with them. Add green onions and red pieces of pimento to deliver a holiday mood to this food. Other than cream cheese, green onions and red pieces of pimento, cheddar cheese, butter, and Worcestershire sauce would be needed to prepare these cheese balls.
  4. Eggnog Cookie - Your guests won't get an inkling that this is a Christmas cookieChristmas menu until they give it a sound bite. An eggnog bite! To enjoy the eggnog glaze on the cookies, brush them with eggnog. To prepare an eggnog, 2-3 tablespoons eggnog, 1/4th rum extract, and sifted powdered sugar are needed. For making cookies,  all purpose flour, baking powder, ground cinnamon and nutmeg, granulated sugar, butter, vanilla extract, egg yolks, and ground nutmeg are required.
  5. Christmas Party Punch - Lead your guests to the next level of enjoyment by serving them this Christmas Party punch. This punch will blow the guests out of their minds because it blends eggnog and peppermint ice cream in an amazing proportion. Enhance it's visual appeal by adding floating ice cream and maraschino berries. For added fun try to hang candies around the bowl. Other than eggnog and peppermint ice cream you will need chilled ginger ale to whip out this mesmerizing punch. 

These are some of top 5 Christmas food ideas that can be tried out at home for this year's Christmas feast.

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Top 5 Christmas Food Ideas