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Best Traditional Christmas Menu For This Season

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Best traditional Christmas menuTraditional dinner fares of Christmas have always been associated with elaboration, sophistication and versatility and no effort seems to be too much effort when it comes to preparing these yummy delicacies. So, uphold the classic charm of holidays with some of the best traditional Christmas menus of the season.  uphold the classic charm of Holidays  . , so with th



Traditional Christmas Menu Ideas 


Artichoke and onion purée tart – This delicacy which takes about an hour to get to the dinner table all done, is a great treat to make the first impression.


Main Course

  • Roast turkey with double stuffing – An estimated four hours needed to cookBest traditional christmas menu this recipe turns up in savory rewards, if you have patience besides expertise.
  • Marmalade glazed gammon with Cumberland sauce – This tasty gammon recipe which takes about 4 hours to cook, brings more variety to your Christmas treats.
  • Roasted potatoes – Sometimes simple is best and this recipe, which is comparatively quick to make in an hour and a half, defines the phrase with delectable notes.
  • Roasted parsnips and carrots with walnut sauce – Done in 50 minutes, this dish brings a crispy sweetness to the Christmas spread.
  • Brussels sprouts with orange herb butter and chestnuts – Only 30 minutes to spare for the preparation, this crunchy dish intoxicates with its “out of the world” aroma.



Seven Layered Christmas Salad – Ideally made with romaine lettuce, celery, green and red peppers, onions, hard cooked eggs and multiple salad dressings and toppings, this is indeed a hearty salad.




  • Christmas menu for the seasonNew York Style Strawberry Cheesecake – One of the most requested Christmas recipes, this special cheesecake is the perfect way to kick-start the dessert course.
  • Apple Pie – Best when made with the fresh picks of Granny Smith apples, this flaky golden brown pie exuding the aroma of cinnamon, is best served with a vanilla scoop.
  • Christmas ice castle – This cake requires intensive labor and decorative skills demanding 3 hours off your Christmas Holidays, bakes out real manna when done to perfection.
  • Christmas pudding – A festive pudding that’s traditionally made only once a year during the Christmas and tastes so wonderful, is worth all the effort of 30 minutes for the preparation and the patience of 5 hours for steaming.


The above mentioned dishes would be some of the best traditional Christmas menus for this season. Take a cue from these and plan your own feast.


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Best Traditional Christmas Menu For This Season