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Top 10 Christmas Food Ideas

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Christmas food ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and you must have already started researching the internet and your cookbooks to try and find the best Christmas dishes. Well, we've made the job a little easier for you with a compilation of our Top 10 Favorite Christmas Food ideas! Check them out below:

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1. String Bean Casserole

A great way to make your kids eat their vegetables and a fantastic dish to treat yourself, the kids and your guests on the festive occasion of Christmas!

Candied yams

2. Candied Yams

Pair these sweet yams with traditional mashed potatoes and you will have the perfect combination for a Christmas side dish. Try topping this dish with candied yams and marshmallows too!

Pumpkin bread

3. Pumpkin Bread

All we can say is that when you make this bread, make sure you have a few loaves because everyone loves it. You can even wrap this up in cellophane and tie with a fancy ribbon for a great house party gift too

Turkey tourtiere

4. Turkey Tourtiere Bundles

A savory mixture of ground turkey, granny smith apple, and turkey sausage wrapped in a blanket of Phyllo Pastry and then baked until golden. This updated, lighter version of a French Canadian Christmas classic can be made ahead and frozen. Perfect for holiday entertaining and oh so delicious!


5. Cranberry Orange Cookies

Delicious and easy to make, these beautiful tart cookies should be made in large amounts to make them last throughout the Holidays.

Banana bread

6. Banana Sour Cream Bread

The rich sour cream and the sweetness of the bananas make this bread a classic, holiday dessert to be served alongside a scoop of ice cream.

apple pie

7. Apple Pie

A classic recipe for the holidays, this apple pie has a delicious crust with a crumbled mixture of oats, brown sugar, coconut, and cold butter  on top. 

Gingerbread truffles

8. Gingerbread Truffles

Amazing little desserts! These soft and silky cookies taste like a condensed gingerbread cookie coated in a hard, white chocolate shell. 

Pepper mint bark

9. Peppermint Bark

Pretty and festive Holiday Peppermint Bark candy that takes just 2 ingredients and gets ready within minutes. Perfect for a Christmas party or to wrap up and give away as a gift to family and friends!

Rum balls

10. Rum Balls

Perfect bite-sized desserts for any holiday party this season, these rum balls are easy to make and hard to stop eating!


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Top 10 Christmas Food Ideas