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Different Ways Of Presenting Kosher Brisket At Hanukkah Party

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Though kosher restricts use of specific ingredients and mixing dairy and meat products, yet there are many different ways of presenting kosher briskets at Hanukkah party. Here I have some kosher brisket recipes that complies with kosher rules and are as delicious as non kosher brisket recipes.


Brisket in Wine Sauce
This Kosher brisket recipe is easy to make and extremely delicious. The use of garlic, paprika, basil, pepper, onion and wine makes the brisket tender and flavorful. Rub the spices on the meat and spread slices of onions and chopped garlic over the meat while roasting. Bake in aluminum covered pan and cook until the meat is tender.


Savory Brisket
This kosher brisket recipe produces flavorful meat. The marinade ingredients are red wine, onions, spices and orange jam. This brisket is baked for about 3 hours which brings out the flavors of the meat combined with spices and onion.

Add fresh mushrooms to the brisket, about 30 minutes before the brisket is cooked completely.

The dipping from the meat will make a great gravy to serve with this kosher brisket recipe. So make use of the dipping.


Pot Roasted Brisket
Pot roasted brisket uses a number of herbs and fresh spices. Onion, garlic, rib celery, bay leaves, carrots and fresh pepper powder make a flavored juicy brisket recipe. Line the bottom of the pan with all ingredients and top it with the meat, cover the pot with aluminum foil and cook for about 4 hours. This recipe needs to be prepared a day in advance as the fat from the brisket needs to be removed after freezing the dish in the refrigerator. 

This kosher brisket is best served with kasha varnishkes that is buckwheat groats, cooked and combined with tossed macaroni and sautéed onions for flavors.

It can also be combined with mashed boiled potatoes and schmaltz for flavor.


Sweet Brisket
Sweet brisket is moist and sweet to taste. This simple kosher brisket recipe uses coca cola, dry red wine, honey and ketchup. Brisket is mixed with all the ingredients and baked as a normal brisket is cooked.

Serve this sweet brisket dish with gravy made from the fat dipped out of the meat.


The above kosher brisket recipes are delicious and are made hassle free. If you have been worrying about how to present kosher briskets then your problem is solved.


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Different Ways Of Presenting Kosher Brisket At Hanukkah Party