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Best 5 Vegetarian Hanukkah Food Ideas For Hanukkah Party

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Planning to serve veggies to your guests this Hanukkah and running out of ideas? Try these best 5 vegetarian Hanukkah food ideas for Hanukkah party that we have written specifically to serve your needs. Pick one or pick all of these delectable items and serve veggies to your guests in a way, that they would be all praises for your culinary skills! 


Vegetarian Hanukkah


Serve these quick and easy to make vegetarian foods to your guests this Hanukkah and treat them to an exclusive feast.


Stuffed mushrooms


Your guests would adore these little treats. Use freshly chopped parsley, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, salt, little garlic and a dash of lemon juice to make the stuffing. Use the food processor to mix these ingredients evenly. Fill the mushrooms with the filling, drizzle some olive oil and bake them for some time. Your little mushroom treats are ready for devouring.


Potato Latkes


Latkes are pancakes prepared using grated potatoes, eggs and flour. Garlic, onions and other seasoning may be added to impart flavor. The mixture is formed into flat balls and shallow fried until they turn golden brown on both sides. Cream, sugar syrup, apple sauce and other condiments can be used as a garnish.


Grilled Portabella mushrooms


These grilled portabella mushrooms are simply delectable and are a lovely accompaniment with soups, salads and crackers. Just clean the mushrooms, cut off their stems, layer them with some olive oil and grill them. Sprinkle some Celtic sea salt for flavor. 


Carrot and Apple Latkes


A sweeter version of the savoury potato latkes, carrot and apple latke is prepared using shredded apples, grated carrots and ginger powder. The mixture is again shaped into small, flat discs and then fried in the oil, until it turns golden brown on both the sides. Served with sweet cream on the side.


Grilled Zucchini


Another grilled delight, the summer squash or zucchini needs to be cleaned, cut in half and then cut into strips. Toss in some olive oil and Celtic sea salt. Grill them and serve hot. Another excellent and innovative way to serve veggies to your guests!


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Best 5 Vegetarian Hanukkah Food Ideas For Hanukkah Party