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How To Plan A Vegan Hanukkah Menu

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How To Plan A Vegan Hanukkah Menu has been a common refrain of late with a lot of people turning their backs to the animal products including the ones obtained from a dairy. However, the beautiful Jewish tradition of Hanukkah allows you to have your fill on this joyous occasion even if you abhor the very idea of feeding on animal flesh and products.  The beauty of the Hanukkah Menu is such that almost every item associated with it can be reproduced by using vegetables as well.  


Let us now take a look at what the Vegan Jew would like to have on his Hanukkah Menu on this auspicious occasion.


The Hanukkah commences at  sundown, as it is customary in Jewish tradition and the hanukeya is lit after the prayers  are led by the patriarch of the house. The family usually sits down to dinner and a vegan Hanukkah Menu is likely to feature the Mock chopped liver made of a variety of lentils, brown rice and walnuts. Bits of cashew and string beans are often added to enhance the taste of this nutritious and exceedingly palatable dish.


The Cabbage Borscht, reminiscent of Old Europe is a soup enriched with cabbage along with a medley of appetizing vegetable. The sweet and sour taste acts as an appetizer and is likely to make you look forward to the next item on the Hanukkah Menu with unadulterated pleasure.


A coleslaw made from Horseradish containing an assortment of fruits and nuts is enticingly sweet and the tangy taste of lime and oranges help to soften its overtly sugary taste while the nectar from the agave plant is certain to remind you of honey, the only difference being that it’s totally vegan origin.


A Cranberry and Apple Strudel makes a fitting end to the vegan meal and you are not liable to miss the heavy and traditional food items of  the festival once you learn how to plan a vegan Hanukkah menu. 


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How To Plan A Vegan Hanukkah Menu