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Top 5 Kosher Appetizers To Include At A Hanukkah Party

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Hanukkah is fast approaching and if you are planning to host a Hanukkah party at your home, our guide on the top 5 kosher appetizers to include at a Hanukkah party, may come in handy as a quick reference guide. Read on to know some appetizer options for kosher party!


Kosher appetizers


Appetizers are responsible for setting the mood for the delicious main course. With the 5 kosher appetizers discussed here, you can rest assured that your guests would remember your party for a long time to come.


Marinated button Mushrooms 


A great choice for the appetizer course, this dish goes extremely well with pastas and meat based dishes. The dish can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. A marinade for pouring over the boiled mushrooms is prepared using vinegar, pepper, oregano, parsley etc. The result is slightly spicy, hot and saucy dish.


Artichokes served with special dip sauce 


Artichokes with tender and young petals are steamed and served with a special mustard and mayonnaise dip sauce. The kids specially love this dish and have a lovely time pulling off the tender leaves one by one until they reach the centre of the artichoke. A fun way to begin a hearty meal!




Caponata is a popular stew comprising of vegetables such as bell peppers, egg plant, lettuce and tomatoes. You can make you own variations by using a different set of vegetables. Tasty, lukewarm and easy on the stomach, this dish is a wonderful way to charge up your food cells. Serve it with crackers, bread or for the adventurous ones, scoop out the pulp of the tomato and use the tomatoes as bowls to serve the stew.


Egg Salad


One can never go wrong with an egg salad as a choice for an appetizer. Take hard boiled eggs and chop them into small cubes and mix with sautéed onions. Add paprika or other herbs as garnish. Tastes delicious when served with challah!




A lovely puffed roll favourite of people across all ages. The roll comprises of 2-3 layers of cold cuts sandwiched between thick layers of heavenly mustard sauce. Sesame seeds can be used on the rolls while baking. A puffed snack item, this serves as an excellent option for an appetizer.


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Top 5 Kosher Appetizers To Include At A Hanukkah Party