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Dinner Ideas For Hanukkah Festival

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Are you inviting your friends and relatives to celebrate Hanukkah at your home? Then you are surely in the look out for some dinner ideas for Hanukkah festival; I have a storehouse of dinner ideas for Hanukkah festival. It will enable you to prepare a wonderful dinner that will get you applauds in this festival of lights.


Arrange a proper traditional three course meal with the following Hanukkah dinner recipe ideas.           



Challah is traditional bread, its braided look and golden color make it hard to resist. It has a delicious flavor and thus considered an appetizer.

Garlic garbanzo bean spread will be the winner in appetizers, so make sure you serve this dish. This garbanzo bean recipe consists of seven ingredients but easy to make and great at taste.

Other traditional appetizers that can adorn the occasion are roasted red pepper hummus, herbed leek tart and roasted eggplant spread.


Side dishes
The most famous side dish for Hanukkah are latkes. You cannot do without the traditional latkes fried in olive oil for celebrating Hanukkah. Originally this dish is made of potatoes and onion but you can serve variations as well like zucchini latkes and curried sweet potato latkes. This crispy side dish can be paired with all Hanukkah dinner recipes.


Other side dishes for Hanukkah dinner recipe ideas can be tzimmes, a popular traditional dish liked by people of all age group. Kugel can be noodle kugel or swiss potato kugel, any one would suffice. You can also include noodle pudding, a creamy sweet tasting dish.


Main course

A special occasion like Hanukkah calls for a meat recipe. Nothing can beat beef brisket in this category of Hanukkah dinner recipe ideas. A time consuming but not a fussy recipe, it takes little effort to cook beef brisket and yet delicious.


While brisket is a must have recipe, adding another dish is essential for Hanukkah dinner party. Citrus rosemary roasted chicken or a garlic herb roasted chicken recipes are light as well as tasty.


Serve Sufganiot, a traditional dessert filled with jelly inside a doughnut. Other dessert ideas for Hanukkah are glazed lebkuchen, a bar resembling a cake is glazed with sugar and cherry cheese blintze, is a delightful dessert to have.

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Dinner Ideas For Hanukkah Festival