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Quick And Easy Ideas For Preparing Kosher Desserts For Hanukkah Dinner

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Hanukkah is a day to celebrate feasts with dairy delicacies and fried foods and the same holds true for the dessert course too. So, if you are game to share with me some quick and easy ideas for preparing kosher desserts for Hanukkah dinner, here we go …


Quick and Easy Ideas for Preparing Kosher Desserts for Hanukkah Dinner – Soofganiot


Soofganiot are jelly filled donuts which are popularly savored as traditional kosher desserts on the occasion of Hanukkah. These donuts are best cooked with a whole wheat flour batter. For this recipe, a foamy solution is prepared with water, sugar and yeast, which is then mixed with more water and sugar, eggs, melted margarine or oil, flour and salt. The mixture is then, stirred to soft dough and allowed to rise for few hours. The dough is then kneaded and given doughnut shapes. The centers of the doughnuts are filled with jelly. These doughnuts are then deep fried and served dusted with powdered sugar.


Quick and Easy Ideas for Preparing Kosher Desserts for Hanukkah Dinner – Sphinge 


Easy to make and delicious to eat, these kosher desserts called Sphinge are basically fried dough delights. These treats are much popular in Morocco.  For this recipe, first, the yeast solution is made ready and an extremely soft dough is prepared with flour, salt and the yeast solution. Then, the dough is briefly kneaded and left for an hour to rise. The dough is kneaded again after that and then, rolled into tubes and deep fried in the oil till golden. These yummy breads are then served sprinkled with powdered sugar. 


Quick and Easy Ideas for Preparing Kosher Desserts for Hanukkah Dinner –Cheesecake


To make this irresistibly delicious cake, flour, cinnamon and graham crackers are blended to a pie crust powder and combined thoroughly with melted margarine or oil. Then, these pie crust ingredients are emptied into a pie plate and evenly spread to form a firm crust. Next, a smooth mixture is made from cream cheese, eggs, vanilla and honey and poured over the crust. This crust is then baked for five minutes. Again, a mixture of vanilla and cream cheese is poured over this freshly baked cheesecake and microwaved back for a couple of more minutes.


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