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Tip For Organizing A Traditional Hanukkah Dinner

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Hanukkah dinner

The Jewish festival of lights is almost on us now with the first of the eight day celebrations beginning next week.  Tip for organizing a traditional Hanukkah dinner are, therefore,  in great demand right now with the Jewish people all across the nation gearing up to celebrate the joyous event in a traditional manner.




The special dishes that are considered to be a part of the traditional dinner are all cooked in oil which is really an attempt to commemorate the miraculous event that took place during the cleansing of the Temple.  It is therefore imperative to know how to present food at Hanukkah dinner especially when each of the courses, as well as table decorations are steeped in age old tradition.


Planning the entire menu well in advance will be particularly wise especially when you are going to go kosher while contemplating on how to present food at Hanukkah Dinner. One of the most effective tip for organizing a traditional Hanukkah dinner is make the festive food even more healthy by adding a number of nutritious ingredients to it.  Let us know have a look at how to present food at Hanukkah dinner in order to make it an unforgettable experience for both friends and family.


Borscht - This unique beetroot soup becomes even more delicious with added vegetables, nutritious in nature.

Potato Latkes - The miniature potato pancakes, crisply fried is an ideal comfort food as well. The traditional Applesauce goes well with the Latkes too.

Brussels Sprouts -You need absolutely no frills here. Plain sprouts fried with salt and pepper do admirably well for a Hanukkah dinner

Stuffed Acorn Squash - Butter is a strict no-no if you are thinking of keeping it kosher.

Salt-Crusted Rib Roast - The main course will have to be prepared well in advance as it takes time to cook. However, feel free to substitute it with Roast Chicken cooked the traditional way if you are not too fond of red meat.

Fried Apple Pies - A perfect dessert for the festive occasion.


Another valuable tip for organizing a traditional Hanukkah dinner includes getting a Menorah centerpiece for your table along with traditional napkin rings shaped as the Star of David. A befitting way to wish Chag Sameach on Hanukkah indeed!  


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