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Top 10 Thanksgiving Pies

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Thanksgiving pies

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and if you are hosting a thanksgiving party at home, then thanksgiving pie is a must have food item in the menu if you want to celebrate your thanksgiving in a traditional manner. Here are the top 10 thanksgiving pies for you to make at home this thanksgiving.





Thanksgiving pie ideas



Chocolate Silk Pie: A yummy melt-in-your-mouth, light and fluffy chocolate pie, this is a lovely dessert that can be baked for Thanksgiving. Top it with vanilla ice cream, nuts or sweet whipped cream and serve it to your guests. Try this recipe:



Apple Pie: Apple pies are one of the most popular pies that are made during the holidays. Given a little spice after adding a dash of cinnamon, apple pies are the way to go this Thanksgiving. Serve with a generous dollop of sweetened whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Check out this recipe for Dutch Apple Pie:



Pumpkin pie: One of the oldest pie that has been a part of thanksgiving dessert since ages, pumpkin pie is identified with thanksgiving of yester years. Pumpkin pie adds a traditional element to your thanksgiving. Tastes delicious, when served with whipped cream. Try this easy recipe and make a homemade pumpkin pie that everyone will enjoy:



Autumn Harvest Pie:  A lovely, fruity pie prepared by adding fruits like apples, plums, pears, raisins, cinnamon and dried cranberries, autumn harvest pie is a colourful pie that can add colour to your festivities.



Pecan pie: Another traditional element of any Thanksgiving dessert course, nutty in flavor and rich in texture, one can never go wrong with this pie. With a defining thick, sugary consistency, pecan pie can be turned into a gourmet delight by adding some nutmeg or bourbon. Check out this classic Thanksgiving Pecan Pie Recipe:



Mudslide Pie: This delicious chocolate pie, prepared by mixing together chocolate crumbs, chocolate bars, powdered coffee, cocoa and cream, is a lovely chocolate concoction. Garnish it with chocolate sprinkles and serve with ice cream on the side!



Cranberry pie: For the people who love the sweet-sour taste of cranberries, a cranberry pie can be a wonderful addition to Thanksgiving celebrations. Add cherries, apples, or cream cheese to this pie or another combination of different fruits, cranberry pie is a lovely option as a Thanksgiving dessert. Try this healthier option that can serve as breakfast too!



Georgia Peach and Praline Pie: Prepared by mixing together peach slices with pecans, nutmeg and corn syrup, this Georgia peach and praline pie is a delicious dessert option. Need some inspiration, try this delicious peach pie:



Crust-less Cranberry Pie: The fresh cranberries added to this pie, gives the pie a lovely texture. Dig in for that perfect bite and enjoy the spongy, fruity texture of the pie with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.



Sweet potato pie: Boil the sweet potatoes, mash them thoroughly and then add little amounts of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg to give a subtle flavor to the pie. Serve with soft marshmallows and make this a lovely treat for the kids. Try this version that's topped with marshmallows for an added sweetness:



So pick any of the above discussed thanksgiving pie and have a lovely thanksgiving!


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Top 10 Thanksgiving Pies