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Original Thanksgiving Food Ideas

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The Thanksgiving 2010 falls on Thursday, November 25th. Are you bored with cooking and serving the same dishes every Thanksgiving, then why don't you consider original Thanksgiving food ideas? Now you may think how dull a Thanksgiving will be without stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes? But that's an absurd thought because historians suggest that first Thanksgiving was equally interesting as the one, which you enjoyed the previous year.


Although there has been speculations about the original Thanksgiving food, but researchers believe that these foods might have been served during the first Thanksgiving:


Water Fowl dishes: Water Fowls included ducks, geese, and swans. You can try cooking some of these fowl dishes in remembrance of first Thanksgiving.


Duck: You try out preparing duck dishes like roast duck, roast duck with pear stuffing, stuffed bone duck, duck salad, etc.


Goose: You can try out cooking goose dishes such as roasted goose, wild goose breasts with orange glaze, spicy roasted goose, etc.


Turkey:  William Bradford in his book Of Plymouth Plantation (1620-1647) wrote in great detail about the dishes served during first Thanksgiving. He noted: "besides waterfowl, there was great store of wild turkeys, of which they took many." This indicates that turkey dishes were enjoyed by the diners who attended first Thanksgiving dinner. On Turkey day! Oops Thanksgiving day you can try out preparing some simple dishes which refreshes the memory of first Thanksgiving dinner.


Venison:   The historical anecdotes suggest that venison was served during the three day celebration. The animals belonging to the families of Cervidae (deer), Leporidae (hares), and Suidae (wild pigs) are generally considered venison. You can try making dishes like raw venison escalope, escalope or reindeer steak.


Cornmeal pudding: Historians believe that diners who attended the first Thanksgiving dinner enjoyed the cornmeal pudding. Although the exact method of preparation of the cornmeal pudding served during the first Thanksgiving is not known, but you can borrow the recipe of the popular Jamaican cornmeal pudding served today.


Savory Hotpot : It is believed that savory hotpot cooked with vegetables like corn, squash, turnips, and beans were served during the first Thanksgiving dinner. Even you can try out preparing some unique dishes by incorporating these vegetables during this Thanksgiving season.


Fruits:  The pilgrims of Plimouth colony, who wished to travel to Hudson River near modern day New York, started from England in September 1620. But somewhere they lost their track and after 60 days landed at Cape Cod. It is believed that they brought with them sugar, but its supply depleted by summer, so the fruits were served as the sweets during the first Thanksgiving dinner. Edward Winslow's letter recounts, "Here are grapes, white and red, and very sweet and strong also strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries, etc. Plums of three sorts, with black and red, being almost as good as a damson." You can prepare and serve various fruit salads using grapes, gooseberries, raspberries, plums and strawberries, in memory of the first Thanksgiving dinner.


Pumpkin :    Although there are fewer chances of pumpkin pies being served during the first Thanksgiving dinner, but in later times it became part of the Thanksgiving stuff.  You can try your hands on pumpkin soup, pumpkin pies, pumpkin fruit cake, etc.


Squash: Squash can be served as salads, or you can cook them with meats or serve them as pickle. Why don’t you try out some new squash ideas this Thanksgiving season?


Seafood : Various dishes prepared from fish like clams, and lobsters were served during the first Thanksgiving dinner. Perhaps you can try out cooking some special dishes like clam salad, scalloped clams, clam casserole, lobster stuffing, lobster hot dish, etc, during this Thanksgiving season.


Hope our "original Thanksgiving food ideas" come to your rescue during the oncoming Thanksgiving season.


IFood wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving 2010.  


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Original Thanksgiving Food Ideas