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10 Things To Cook In 2011 And Why

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We all make resolutions at the start of the New Year. Some of these resolutions may work for minutes, hours, days, months or years. Similarly at the beginning of the year I made a resolution to learn as many new recipes as possible. And with my experience so far I present the 10 things to cook for sure this year....


10 Things to Cook in 2011 and why?


  1. Spinach Soufflès :  You canserve this spinach soufflés during light lunch . This spinach soufflé taste good when served with roasted lemon rosemary chicken.  You need spinach, butter, all-purpose flour, parmesan cheese, whole milk, black pepper, nutmeg and eggs to prepare these soufflés. This soufflé is good source of foliate, protein, vitamin A and vitamin K.


  2. Soon Dubu: Soon dubu is Korean soft tofu stew and is prepared from silky tofu, and is usually cooked in stone pot or ddook baegi. You can use ingredients such as kimchi, seafood, beefs, or vegetables while soon dubu.  But I prepare soon dubu using tofu, sesame oil, chili powder, garlic cloves, salt, sesame oil, clams, beef stock, squid, shrimp, egg and green onions. This dubu serves you 204 calories with 2g of fat, 15 gm of protein, and 9g of carbs.


  3. Pad Thai: Pad Thai translates to “Thai Fry” in English. Best thing about this dish is that you can balance it with all three flavors: sour, sweet and salty.  Lots of ingredients are used in preparation of this dry noodle dish. You need cayenne pepper, sugar, European cucumber, lettuce, Chile-Vinegar Sauce, lime, boneless pork, sugar, tamarind pulp or rice vinegar, soy sauce, eggs, salt, fish sauce, vegetable oil, garlic, tofu, rice noodles, bean sprouts, scallions, dried shrimp, radish, peanuts and coriander to prepare this dish.  This Pad Thai serves you 712 calories with 31 gm of proteins, 4g of dietary fibers and 118 gm of carbs.


  4. Challah: I love baking this dish because it has traditional significance. Generally I prepare this bread on Friday evening. It is believed that the braided shape of the bread symbolizes undividable union of god and man. I have mastered this recipe from my Jewish friends who cook it during all special Jewish holidays and Jewish Sabbath.  You need all – purpose flour, salt, sugar, water, dry yeast, egg yolk, egg wash (1 egg beaten with pinch of salt) and vegetable oil to prepare this bread.  This bread is rich in Iron, thiamin, riboflavin, folate and niacin. Also, it serves you 160kcal/slice inch.


  5. Gnocchi:  I mastered the art of preparing perfect Gnocchi from Francesca’s mother. Francesca used to live with me in London, and her mother used to cook Gnocchi for us during her visits.  She told me that Gnocchi can be eaten as pastas, entrees or soups. Mostly the dish is accompanied with pesto, melted butter or tomato sauces. You need potatoes, egg, flour, kosher salt, and canola oil to prepare sumptuous potato pillows.  1 cup of potato gnocchi serves you 250 calories, with 42% fat, 51% carbs, and 7% proteins.


  6. Gruyere and Onion Fondue: I love to have this French onion soup with melted cheese on the top.  You can serve it with roast beef tenderloin and cubes of crusty French or Italian bread or with apple tart.  You need unsalted butter, onion, beef stock, white wine, white wine vinegar, Gruyere cheese, flour, cognac, thyme and pepper to prepare this soup. 4tbsp of this soup serves you 200 calories per serving, with 23% fat, 3% carbs, 2% Iron and 2% protein.


  7. Lemon Meringue Pie:  I bet this pie with lemon curd filling, short bread pastry, and fluffy meringue will wow your family.  You need sugar, corn starch, all-purpose flour, lemon juice, salt, water, butter, egg yolks, pie crust, egg whites and sugar to prepare this pie.  A piece of pie serves you 303 calories- with  15% fat, 18%carbs, 5% fiber, 4% Vitamin A, 6% Vitamin C, 6% Calcium, and 4% Iron.


  8. Black and White cookies:  My cousins love these half and half cookies, so I cook it for them more often. I generally to bake the cookies that are iced with vanilla fondant. For preparing my style of black and white half moon cookies you need:  butter, white sugar, eggs, milk, lemon extract, vanilla extract, cake flour, all – purpose flour, baking powder, salt, bittersweet chocolate, confectioners’ sugar, and water.  It serves 315 calories per 86 grams with 12% of fat, 15% carbs, 5% proteins, and 2% potassium.


  9. Profiteroles:  I am in love with these little cream puffs, drizzled with chocolate sauce. I prepare on all special occasions.  For preparing cream puffs you need: water, all-purpose flour, butter, eggs, and salt. For preparing the filling you need: heavy cream, bittersweet chocolate, sugar, vanilla extract, butter and corn syrup.  It serves you 64 calories per 22 gms, with 5% fat content, 3% carb content, 1% fiber and 0.7g proteins.


  10. Chicken Pot Pie: Whenever I think of this pie, I can simply say “mind-blowing” because I know you will agree with me on this point. You need olive oil, unsalted butter, wild mushrooms, butternut squash, black pepper, shallot, all-purpose flour, chicken broth, chicken, sage leaves, puff pastry and egg wash to prepare this pie.  It serves you 484 calories per 217gms, with 45%fat, 14% cholesterol, 46% Vitamin A, 3% Vitamin C, 11% Iron, and 3% Calcium. 


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10 Things To Cook In 2011 And Why