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Top 10 Chocolate-Based Holiday Desserts

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538430-chocolate-lava-cake-with-vanilla-ice-cream.jpgt1Chocolate based holiday desserts can make your holiday foods even more enjoyable. You can prepare these at home during the holiday season, carry them to different parties and enjoy the festive mood to the most. If you are falling short of ideas for chocolate desserts for holidays, here is a list of the top 10 chocolate based holiday desserts that will make everyone ask for seconds....


Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream and cherry sauce – Just slice a piece of this cake very gently and watch the rich chocolate oozing out just like molten lava. This can be a real surprise for your guests who will be surely impressed with your culinary skills. Serve it with a rich topping of vanilla ice-cream.                 


Black white choco cheesecake – You will get a combination of cheese and chocolate flavors in this cake. Dark chocolate creates a rich blend and contrast with the white choco chips   which are used to top the cheesecake. You will simply love each bite of this lip-smacking cheesecake.


Fudgy brownies – It is unique taste of moistness and chocolate. This is a very dense and rich chocolate dessert which is quite similar to a fudge than a cake.


Mini chocolate velvet cake – These mini cakes are ideal for Thanksgiving and Christmas. These are dressed up with dark chocolate ganache which is finely dressed up over the top of the cake and slowly allows it to drip down to the sides. It is topped with sugar which renders a spectacular presentation to the dish.



Mocha sherbet freeze – This is an ideal dessert for those who are fond of frozen chocolate and cream. Kids love this creamy concoction of coffee and rich dark chocolate.


Dark chocolate crème brulle served with caramelized bananas – This is one of the most popular desserts which are served in almost every dining restaurant. It has creamy custard with a chocolate flavor. Caramelized bananas in this creamy chocolate custard are a real treat for food lovers.


Flourless chocolate cake served with sumptuous crème anglaise – This is much easier than many of the cakes which we usually prepare. If this cake is undercooked you will love its fudgy texture which is quite different from the sogginess of an uncooked flour cake. It can be served with crème anglaise. Vanilla and chocolate complement each other creating a rich contrast in texture as well as temperature.


Grand Cookie Crumble – This can be a great dessert and drink. You can term it as a drinkable dessert which combines excellently with fancy cocktails. This chocolate cookie crumble is considered to be the hottest dessert trends today.


Baileys Chocolate pots de crème – This is rich and very creamy custard which is cooked in small pots. It has a classic vanilla flavor which balances the richness of the chocolate custard.


Meringue with chocolate and strawberries – This dessert is loved by kids. The richness of whipped cream and confectioner’s sugar on the soft strawberry flavored cake is simply sumptuous. Raspberries, blackberries and strawberries are added to give it a great fruity taste.

So do try some of these sinfully choclaty delicacy and bring on the holiday fever with a sweet bang. 


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Top 10 Chocolate-Based Holiday Desserts