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Easter Dinner Menu

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Do I love the Easter eggs, the bunnies and the festivities or what! Here is a scrumptious Easter Dinner Menu that will give you a reason to celebrate the festival with food. Try it with your family and friends.



Easter Dinner Menu:



1. Potato and Leek Soup :





2. Deviled Egg :





3. Easter Ginger Salmon  :





4. Easter Carrot Cake  :





Try this Easter Dinner Menu and Enjoy !



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Ham is the traditional meat for Easter. Much care is taken on choosing the best ham-whether maple cured, spiral cut, or the Rolls Royce Ham-Kurobata. Kurobuta, Japanese black hog, is 100% pure all-natural Berkshire pork. However, lamb is traditonal for Orthodox Christians, as is the Easter bread and dyed red eggs. I'll have to write a blog of Easter foods, traditions and symbolism. Easter is a religious holiday for Christians, but around the world people often think of Easter Eggs and chocolate bunnies. We usually have both ham and lamb as our son-in-law is Orthodox and we have often celebrated both Easters-a week apart in date. Sometimes we make a whole lamb on the spit-yummy. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Easter Dinner Menu