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Thanksgiving Desserts - Think Beyond Pumpkin Pies

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Thanksgiving dessert

Break the monotony of thanksgiving desserts-think beyond pumpkin pies. Surprise your guests with thanksgiving desserts other than pies; serve tarts, mousse, and granita, frozen or whipped desserts. Your guests will surely love them and remember your thanksgiving party for a long time to come.


Chocolate Tart

Double chocolate tart is an easy to make dessert and can be prepared well in advance. Chocolate tart is gooey inside and has a crispy outer crust, a delicious dessert to serve for a special occasion like thanksgiving. 


Turkey Cup Cakes

Turkey cup cakes are simply adorable. After a meal of roasted turkey, guests will be pleased to conclude the party with tiny turkey cup cakes.


Raspberry Walnut Torte

A fabulous cake designed with red raspberry on white ice is stunning to look at and eat. It’s sure to please guests with its rich taste.


Green Apple and Basil Granita

Green Apple Granita is a superb semi frozen dessert. When combined with basil, green apple granita gets a vibrant look and a light herbal flavor. Your guests would just love it after a heavy meal.


Cranberry Cheesecake

The deep red color of cranberry can make your thanksgiving party table colorful and inviting. The rich taste of cranberry is perfect to adorn an occasion like thanksgiving.


Spiced Pumpkin Mousse

Pumpkin lovers can be treated with this spicy mousse. It’s light on stomach for a rich meal, attractive and very easy to make. Those missing pumpkin pie will be pleased to find pumpkin in a glass.


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Thanksgiving Desserts - Think Beyond Pumpkin Pies