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Chinese Wedding Food – Keeping The Tradition Alive

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Chinese wedding food – keeping the tradition alive is the main motive for preparing such foods in any Chinese wedding! Here are some Chinese wedding food ideas which can help you to decide on a menu, in case you are planning to have a Chinese wedding. Every food which is prepared in a Chinese wedding has a special significance of its own and is somehow related to the wedding. Here are some traditional wedding food ideas.

Roasted pig – A pig offering is usually sent to the family of the bride, normally on the 3rd day of after the wedding. This is a sign of acceptance by the groom’s family and their way to show pleasure and happiness with the bride.

Wild goose – This is often served during weddings as it is a symbol of marital harmony and peace. Geese are known to mate for life and they migrate together always every season, they are thought to be reliable and very dependable creatures. Wild goose is cooked and served as soup, roasted, chops, curry or just barbecued.

Egg soup – Any traditional Chinese wedding is incomplete without egg soup. On the wedding day, the family of the groom is served a bowl of egg soup as soon as they arrive. This soup is made from unbroken soft-boiled eggs, which the groom is expected to break, as a symbol of the bride leaving her family and moving to the groom’s place. To add fun to this, the mother of the groom often adds a hard boiled egg so that the groom faces a difficulty in breaking the egg, which is a symbol of the fact, that the groom finds it hard to gain his bride. Several other egg dishes are prepared keeping in mind the occasion.

Fruits and nuts – In any wedding, different Chinese names of fruits and nuts are symbolically used to signify many children and some great fortune. To signify birth and fertility, dates, peanuts and other fruits are usually folded inside the quilt. The bride is also presented a plate full of chestnuts and dates with a fresh aromatic cup of tea as soon as she arrives at her new home – this is a symbol of the ‘early arrival of a son’.

Sweet buns and red bean soup – It is a way of wishing the newly wed a sweet life. The red bean soup is made of bark like vegetable which symbolically wishes the newly wed couple years of togetherness. Sweet lotus paste is served with sweet buns as a symbol of fertility and long life.

Tea – Chinese weddings are incomplete without a gift of tea. This is also used as an engagement present which is offered to the bride. If you attend any Chinese wedding, you will realize that the gift of tea is always a term of engagement.


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Chinese Wedding Food – Keeping The Tradition Alive