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How to Make Spider Pretzels for Halloween

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If you want to know how to make spider pretzels for Halloween party, you must read this article very carefully. When you prepare them for a Halloween party, make sure that you make them in plenty as these delicious and crunchy snacks will be finished in no time. Spider pretzels are amazing after-school snacks too.


1. Take one round of the snack cracker and spread some peanut butter or softened cream cheese on top of it and cover it using the second cracker so as to make a cracker sandwich.


2. Use four pretzel sticks to make the legs of the spider. Poke these pretzel sticks onto all four sides of the spider's cracker body.


3. Dab two spots of peanut butter over the cracker to use it as glue for placing raisin or dried cranberry eyes firmly.


Tips and Warnings


1. You can make spider pretzel an interesting affair by preparing the little goblins using the available ingredients.  For this, you must spread all the ingredients, including the snack crackers, peanut butter or cream cheese, raisins or cranberries and pretzel sticks on top of a big table.


2. Spider eyes can be made using miniature cinnamon candies or M&M candies.


3. Ice cream spider pretzels are a yummy variation of the basic spider pretzels. Soften the ice cream slightly and then use it between the two rounds of crackers instead of the peanut butter or cream cheese. When you are done with the pretzel preparation, place them in the freezer to harden.


4. Garnish your spider pretzels with a drizzle of chocolate syrup .


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How To Make Spider Pretzels For Halloween