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How To Plan A Diwali Party?

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Plan a Diwali PartyHere are a few tips on how to plan a Diwali Party. Make the festival of lights a grand celebration with these tips.



Decorate your house with beautiful chandelier, diyas, candles, light the house with small bulbs. Keep your favorite flowers in water. Make rangolis, ancient cultural tradition and folk art, on the front side of your house. This will give an auspicious and creative look to your Diwali party.


Foods and Drinks


Plan what food you want to serve in advance to have a trouble free Diwali party. Keep pakodas, chakris, salted cashew nuts etc for snacks and gujhias, shakkarpare, jalebi for sweets. You can also give dahi vadas as starter. No party can start without chips, popcorns and cold drinks. Decide your main menu depending upon the type of eaters. You can mix vegetarian like mixed veg, aloo dum, paneer gravies and non-vegetarian recipes like mutton korma, kebabs, chicken curry etc to make your party a huge hit. For alcoholic drinkers, serve wine or other cocktails with spicy starters. Fresh juices, smoothies, shakes etc are other good options.




Both kids and grown-ups equally like playing crackers. Some of the varieties of firecrackers are the popular ground wheel or charkha, high-flying rockets, favorite sparklers, electric crackers, mild flower pots, fuljhadis and last but not the least explosive and ear deafening bombs. Check for the latest entries of firecrackers in the market and store it for your Diwali party.



Organize games to play at your Diwali party and give the winner a prize. Think of games, which involve all your invitees at the party, like 'Truth or dare', 'Would you rather' and drinking games like Have you ever? etc. If you have open space outside your house, plan a contest of Diwali diya lighting contest or firecracker competition. You can also plan something like eating number of sweets in least time or drinking glasses of alcohol or fruit juices in least time. If you have lots of kids in the party, fancy dress competition is a splendid idea. Ask your guests to come in traditional yet contemporary clothes and give award to the one who is dressed in the most innovative manner.


Use your creativity and these tips to plan a Diwali party.


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Planning a diwali party is so time consuming... the age of the guests is so diverese planning something for all to do is difficult. thanks for the tips
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We all love to celebrate Diwali with family and friends gr8 idea for this Diwali !
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this article makes my work easy and allows me to enjoy more with family!!
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Great tips for planning diwali
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I am going to use these ideas...for this year..
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Looking at the busy lives of us all, Diwali party is a must thing to do this year.
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Diwali party is a must at my home... thanks for these tips...!!!
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Diwali is one of the most popular Indian festivals and to organize a good party on this occasion is an important thing. This blog is surely going to help me organize mine this year.
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My Indian friend always becomes greatly tensed when arranging and planning or the Diwali party. Think this will help her ;)
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These tips r so interesting! even i decorated my house today with flowers and lights, and it is looking so beautiful.............
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Been waiting for some interesting ideas for hosting a Diwali bash. Thank you!
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just finished off with my diwali party...wish i had read this earlier :)
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great read
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Thanks for these tips.. They are going to work for me.
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Games and crackers are ok but it is the food that attracts the greedy me
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Thanks for sharing with us such a lovely blog. I am sure with these tips, we will be able to make our Diwali bash all the more fun.
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This blog comes in time for the Diwali party. I will try some of these ideas this time.
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Good read.
How To Plan A Diwali Party?