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Top 10 Diwali Sweets To Make At Home

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 Diwali sweetsThink about Diwali and the first thing that comes to mind is mouth-watering sweets. Check out these  top 10 Diwali sweets that can be made at home.












Ladoos                                                                                                                               Diwali sweets - ladoos

Indians prepare a variety of ladoos at home. Ladoos are considered auspicious and are also offered to Lord Ganesha. Be it rava ladoo, besan ladoo, motichoor ladoo or wheat flour ladoo, the name creates a yummy image in the mind.






Jalebi and Imarti

Diwali sweets People with a sweet tooth can never resist jalebees. Dipped in sugar syrup, this orange-colored sweet is a universal favorite as it can be easily made at home.









Another mouthwatering recipe is rasmalai, which is made of yellow-colored paneer ballsDiwali sweets soaked in clotted cream. You can treat yourself with this delicious Diwali delight as it is easy to make at home.












Diwali sweetsDiwali is an occasion when you keep all your diet plans aside and indulge  in umpteen sweet delicacies like barfi. It is a diamond-shaped sweet primarily made of cashew nuts and sugar. Besan barfi, Badam barfi, Khoya barfi are some varieties of barfis that can be made at home.








                                                                                                                  Diwali sweets

Badam Phirni

No Indian family can do without sweets on Diwali. Out of hundreds of dishes, one simple and delicious dish is ‘Badam Phirni’, which can be made with rice flour, milk and almond.









Gulab Jamun

Diwali sweetsNobody can resist lip-smacking Gulab Jamuns – a variety of small sweet balls dipped in sugar syrup. It is mainly served hot but you can also add ice cream on it as toppings and make it a delicious Diwali delight.








KheerDiwali sweets

Kheer is one such sweet dish that Indians prepare at every auspicious occasion be it Diwali, Holi or any other festival. Kheer is traditionally made with rice, milk, sugar and dry fruits.








Carrot Halwa

Diwali sweetsCarrot halwa is the first thing that comes into mind when we talk about Indian desserts. It is nutritious yet delicious and is an indispensable part of the menu.









Gujhia                                                                                                                               Diwali sweets

Gujhia is every homemaker’s first choice when a festive season like Diwali or Holi approaches. Filled with khoya inside semi-circle maida chapatis, gujhia is too tempting to resist.









Diwali sweetsTraditional Indian homemakers make shakkarpare – a melt-in-the-mouth sweet made of small balls of sugar and maida. The best part of this sweet is that it has a longer shelf life than other sweets.  









Make these top 10 Diwali sweets at home for a healthier and tastier Diwali.

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Anonymous's picture
Rasmalai, ladoos, jalebi, carrot halwa...all these traditional sweets makes our Diwali more yummilicious !!
Anonymous's picture
You may have as many modern day sweets, but the traditional ones are always to stay and sweeten your mouth on special occasions.
Anonymous's picture
Mouthwatering delicacies, but, sadly no one makesmat home!
thespicychef's picture
These mouthwatering sweet.......I just can't wait for Diwali........
Anonymous's picture
Top 10 reasons I love Diwali
bon.vivant's picture
I have to tell you here, besan ke laddu is one of the easiest or probably the easiest diwali sweet to make. Just stir-roast some besan in the pan and once it turns golden, mix it with powdered sugar and an equal quantity of ghee and cook with constant stirring. Once the mixture hardens, cool and roll into balls and serve! Happy Diwali!
anonymous's picture
Awww so delicious...waiting for Diwali...
sumer's picture
ras malai is my favorite on diwa!i
FitGal's picture
My favorite on every Diwali is the Gulab Jamun!!!! Ummm yummilicious!!!!
Anonymous's picture
thanks for these truly traditional lot...i love em.happy deepavali
Gourmet.lover's picture
Making sweets during Diwali is customary in our place...and this blogs just inspires me to get my hands dirty :)
delicious.bites's picture
wow...I wanna have them all this Diwali!
colorfulcandies's picture
will definitely try making this sweets at home.
Anonymous's picture
Gulab jamuns are my favorites !!
Sudipa's picture
Gulab jamuns are very difficult to make soft. Whenever I try to make these, they turn out to be hard.
barbecue's picture
oh so tempting sweets
sangya's picture
The "sweet" moments are not too far away!
Anonymous's picture
Rasmalai is so yummy......
Rahul.Chef.and.Writer's picture
This is cool and easy
chockyfoodie's picture
Rasmalai is the queen of Diwali sweets.
Top 10 Diwali Sweets To Make At Home