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New Age Sweets For Diwali – Going Beyond Tradition

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DiwaliDiwali, like any other Indian festive occasion, is incomplete without sweets. However, when the same sweets are commonly served in every house, how do you make a difference?  Simple, try some new age sweets for this Diwali. So, here are the top five must-know new diwali sweet ideas...









Must Know New Diwali Sweets

Diwali sweetChilly Ice-Cream

The name itself draws your guests’ immediate attention and curiosity. The dish is easy to make and just requires addition of green chilies to the standard recipe of making ice creams.  This unique new diwali sweet with the unique name is sure to raise eyebrows, but the sweet, pleasing taste is sure to bring smile on their faces.




Apple Rabdi

Diwali sweetWhile Rabdi is a traditional Indian dessert, Apple Rabdi is definitely something new. Grated apples is the only new ingredient in this new Diwali sweet. Apple rabdi tastes best when served chilled.  






Chocolate Burfi

Instead of serving the traditional Kaju Burfi, this diwali, serve something different - somethingDiwali sweets that brings the flavors of the east and the west together. And what can be more apt for this than a plate of Chocolate Burfi? The age-old concept of “burfi” that have typified diwali for almost eternity is now merged with the more European taste of chocolate – a combination that is absolutely going to steal hearts of both the young and the aged.






Multi-colored Lassi


The moment we think of Diwali, we think of fire-crackers and colors. So, why not reproduce the same effect on your table as well? A multi-colored lassi is a great way of doing so. Color yogurt with  strawberry puree,  pureed kiwi, saffron etc. Now layer the variously colored yogurt portions.








Dry Fruits

With diabetes and obesity being two of the significant concerns of urban mortals, people haveDiwali sweets become quite diet and calorie conscious. Therefore, for such guests, serving sweetened dried fruits is a great idea. Dried raisins, walnuts, almonds, dates, apricots – the options are numerous and an assorted platter of this surely makes your diabetic guests feel happy and welcomed.






Thus, with new age sweets for Diwali, go beyind tradition without ignoring your ethnicity. These top five new diwali sweet ideas, will surprise your friends and family and make this year’s festival a memorable one.



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alexstrcklnd17's picture
looks delicouse
Anonymous's picture
This is a very good blog giving break from the regular Diwali sweets.
Anonymous's picture
these delicacies are at par with the traditional ones..
yummyyum's picture
The green color on white ice-cream looks amazing...
Anonymous's picture
Chili Ice Cream! Now that I must try.
sumer's picture
heard about this chili ice cream for dilwali the first time!1
bon.vivant's picture
Chocolate barfi may not be that new in the new age diwali feast but yes, I can see the others are, given a sweet toothed babe like me has never tasted any of those ones in this awesome fest of lights. I like the multi colored lassi the most!
Anonymous's picture
very novel! the multicolor lassi looks exotic!
Anonymous's picture
Great ideas to celebrate Diwali in contemporary style...young gen would surely love these items...!!!
anonymous's picture
Amazing ideas...must try
FitGal's picture
I liked the multi-colored lassi the best.
Anonymous's picture
my vote for the multi-colored lassi...its really out of this world..thanks for sharing
Gourmet.lover's picture
The apple rabdi looks yum,however, this Diwali I'd like to experiment with the hot and spicy chili icecream that is likely to be the showstealer of my Diwali feast this year
thot4food's picture
Love the idea of chili ice cream for Diwali
shruti's picture
liked the out-of-the-box ideas like multi colored lassi..
colorfulcandies's picture
this sweets will make Diwali celebrations great fun.
Anonymous's picture
delicious delicacies
barbecue's picture
wonder delicacies for
Teisha's picture
Multicolored lassi!!! nice one!
Anonymous's picture
Want to give a try for Apple Ice Cream this time. Its looking so delicious..
Rahul.Chef.and.Writer's picture
Innovative I must say
chockyfoodie's picture
Wow! These are really amazing. I have seen people indulging in various chocolate goodies during Diwali.
Anonymous's picture
Iv eaten red chili flake ice-cream but never tried green chili ice-cream! Please share the recipe if you can!
New Age Sweets For Diwali – Going Beyond Tradition