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Top 10 Russian Holiday Foods

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If you are planning to visit Russia for your New Year celebrations then chances are that you would be in Russia during the Russian Christmas Day which falls on 6th of January. Indulge in the best Russian holiday foods with our guide on top 10 Russian holiday foods.                                            


Russian holiday food ideas


Russia is a country which has a rich culture. As rich and diverse the culture of Russia is, equally diverse and unique is the Russian cuisine. Some of the popular dishes of the Russian cuisine have been discussed below.


Salat: Salat is the Russian salad which is prepared using eggs, pickles, bologna, onions, lettuce etc and is layered with mayonnaise. The hard boiled eggs are used as garnishing.


Pryaniki: Pryaniki is a sweet gingerbread cake that is distributed on Russian New Year ’s Day by Grandfather Frost, a folk tale character in the Russian culture. Pryaniki symbolises best wishes for the New Year.


Sharlotka: Sharlotka is another popular Christmas and New Year holidays dessert. It is an apple cake cooked and served during the holidays.


Kutya: Kutya is a sweet porridge which is served along with a potato and vegetable salad.


Borschst: Borschst is a popular soup that originated in Ukraine. It is prepared with beetroot which gives the soup a deep red colour and is served with sour cream.


Siberian Pelmini: These are dumplings which have a stuffing of vegetables,  mushrooms, fish, turnip etc and is a popular snack during the Christmas and New Year holiday season.


Sbiten: Sbiten is a traditional winter beverage in Russia and is prepared using fruit jams, honey and cinnamon and adding different flavourings. It is served steaming hot.


Piglet: This is a traditional dish cooked in Russia during the Christmas holidays. After the piglet has been scalded, the insides of the piglet are rubbed with salt and the outside is layered with sour cream and butter. It is then baked in the oven until the skin becomes golden. It is served with fruits or vegetables.


Koliadki: These are Russian Christmas cookies which are prepared using eggs and sugar. The cookies are rolled and then folded into squares and filled with cottage cheese (called tvorog). Sugar is sprinkled once the cookies have been baked.


Bobal'ki : These are small, bite sized biscuits which are layered with honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds. This is a popular snack during the Christmas season.


Some of the other popular holiday dishes are Devilled eggs, roasted duck, and roasted geese.


Food forms an important part of any celebrations or festivals in Russia. So the next time you visit Russia, indulge yourself in the Russian delicacies with our Russian holiday food ideas.


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Top 10 Russian Holiday Foods