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How toMake a Perfect Roasted Turkey with Homemade Stuffing

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If you don't know how to make thanksgiving stuffing at home, then this is the Thanksgiving for you to give it a try! Once you learn how to do it, you'll realize that you don't always have to resort to making stuffing from a box. Take a look at our tips to make homemade stuffing and see how easy it is!




To stuff the turkey, there are normally two different procedures. One is to prepare the stuffing separately in a casserole dish and then stuff it inside the roasted turkey or serve on the side.The second involves stuffing the turkey with an uncooked stuffing mixture and then putting it inside the turkey while it roasts. Either way, the end result will be a delicious stuffed turkey if you follow the instructions! The second procedure might sound more traditional but needs taking proper care, so that the stuffing gets sufficiently cooked, whereas the first process is the safest and easiest way to prepare the stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving.


Process of Making Thanksgiving stuffing

  • Before you beginning the process of stuffing, you have to prepare the materials which are going to be stuffed. You can use different types of items to stuff the turkey. One of the common, base ingredients is bread cubes or stale croutons. Along with the dry bread cubes, you can use other vegetables, sausages, seafood, eggs etc. Do not use pre-cooked or pre-packaged stuffing as you will not get the desired quality or consistency. If you prefer the first method of stuffing, then you should cook the stuffing while the turkey is being roasted. On the other hand, for the second process, mix all the ingredients of stuffing just before packing into the turkey.
  • In the traditional method, while stuffing the turkey, you should be careful about one thing: DO NOT over stuff the turkey or even stuff tightly. Stuffing materials are supposed to expand during the cooking process so, if stuffed too full, the filling might burst out of the turkey, creating a mess.
  • After packing the turkey, loosely tie both of the drumsticks with a clean string. Also, be sure to secure the neck of the turkey with the help of toothpicks. Doing so will ensure that nothing comes out of the turkey while it roasts. If you have excess stuffing material, then bake this separately in a casserole dish to serve on the side.
  •  Timing is everything when it comes to roasting the turkey in order to ensure that it stays moist. That being said, the time and temperature of the necessary roasting process will vary according to the size of the turkey. You should also buy a food thermometer, as you have to constantly check the internal temperature of the turkey. Usually, the temperature in the inner thigh area should be around 180F and the temperature of the stuffing should be 165F.
  • When the turkey and stuffing both are rightly done inside the oven, bring them out from the oven and immediately cover the turkey with aluminum foil. Let the turkey rest this way for another 10-15 minutes before it is ready for carving.


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How ToMake A Perfect Roasted Turkey With Homemade Stuffing