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Top 10 Halloween Snacks & Halloween Appetizers

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halloween snacks

Get set to taste horror on a plate! Spook your friends and family alike with these yummy, imaginative snacks and appetizers.


Pizza Mummies

You need scallions, English Muffins, Pizza sauces, red or green pepper, black olives and cheese sticks to make the Mummy that  scare kids..  

Halloween-Pizza Mummy


Witches finger cookies

Combine sugar, butter, egg, almond extract, and vanilla extract in a bowl. Use hands, and knives to shape the cookies into fingers and later, fix the almond nails to make them ready for scratching the eyes out.. 

Halloween Finger cookies


Melon Brain

This purely melon (water melon) brainy creation can be easily made with little expertise. No need to bash your brains in the kitchen!

Halloween- Melon Brains


 Marsh Monsters sticks 

You need pretzel rods and marshmallows to make the monsters sticks. The marshmallow monsters on stick are pure fun. 

Halloween- Marsh Monsters sticks


Monster Cake

Have fun demolishing the monster on Halloween. Digesting evil is sweet indeed! BURP!

Halloween- Monster Teeth


  Sweet Bones 

Get ready to serve these sweet and sugary, white bones on a plate on Halloween and scare friends left, right and center.


Halloween-Salty Bones


Ghost Pops

White chocolate and nutritious banana slices can make a scary combo too. Get ready to draw spooky ghost faces on the pops. Time to say Boo! 

Halloween-Ghosts on Broomsticks


Spooky Spider

Great savory crackers that incorporate protein and cheese. It can scare the hell out of your friends too and that's an added bonus.

Halloween-Spooky Spiders Nest


 Eerie Empanadas : Alien Larvae with Blood Sauce 

These empanadas look much stranger than they taste. It can be served with Mojo sauce or cranberry sauce that is sure to spook even the bravest man. 

Halloween Special-Eerie Empanadas


Skeleton Deviled Eggs

Old is gold! Get set to recreate the long dead creatures with devilled eggs and see your friends catch a breath. 

Halloween special deviled eggs


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Top 10 Halloween Snacks & Halloween Appetizers