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Why Starbucks Refused To Donate Coffee To US Marines

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The Starbuck’s controversy over coffee donation to the US marines took place in the month of July, 2004, when an email was circulated throughout the internet claiming this fact. But, why Starbucks refused to donate coffee to US marines? To know the answer, you have to go through the email which explained the reason.

A cup of Starbucks coffeeThe email was actually written by Sgt. Howard C Wright, who was a member of the US marine troop posted in Iraq, during the Iraq War. The message claimed that the famous coffee manufacturer and server Starbuck; was requested to send coffee for the troops. However, the company refused the request saying that they did not support the war or any person involved in war. As revenge Mr. Wright had asked all the receivers of the mail, not to support the business of Starbucks. In this mail, he also supported the boys, who were fighting for the nation even after knowing that it was not a popular war. As an addendum to the mail, he had requested all the recipients to pass on to others as a memoir to all the troops, who have died in past. Along with this information, he also mentioned a fact regarding the company that when the Twin Trade Towers were hit, fire fighters and rescue workers went to Starbucks for water and that water was charged by the shop. In addition to this, he noted that Starbucks stores were being removed from several military bases in the country.

The email started to circulate in 2004 among some of the close friends of Mr. Wright, who again passed on to other persons. Within a very short period it spread all over the world and even today many people receives and passes this email to their friends. However, the coffee company completely rejected this allegation and directly charged Mr. Wright about the validity of his comments. When accused of this incident, Mr. Wright accepted that he wrote the above mail by hearing reports from other persons and he personally had no evidence to prove these comments. He also wrote a separate email by accepting his fault and asked to pass on to others to rectify the effects of the previous mail. In this follow-up mail he also recognized that Starbucks does support the men and women in uniform. But unfortunately this apologetic mail did not turn to be as popular as the earlier one. So many people still believes in the fact, which Mr. Wright had claimed in his first mail.

While researching on the Starbucks support towards the US troops, it has been found out that the company has joined with Red Cross to supply plenty of coffee for the US troops. In fact, many employees of the company have chosen to send their part of free, allocated coffee to the troops stationed in foreign land. The company also provides various benefits to their employees who are posted in military outposts.

Considering all these facts, it can be decided that the allegation against the Starbucks was completely a rumor and anybody receiving this email should not pay any attention to this.

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Why Starbucks Refused To Donate Coffee To US Marines