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Top 5 Halloween Desserts

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Halloween Desserts

With only a few more days to go for the creepy festival of Halloween, it is time to gear up, get on your toes  and get planning and preparing your home decorations, gifts, the  food, and not to forget, the desserts for those trick or treat routines. Here is a list of Halloween desserts, to make your celebrations even more happening and sweet.


1. Blackout Cupcakes

This cupcake recipe is scarily good and contains all the flavors to appeal to every palate.

Halloween 1

2. Halloween Chocolate & Rum Balls

Don’t think these goodies are drunk on rum. The alcohol content is limited and balances the sweetness of chocolate very well.

halloween 2

3. Pumpkin Cake

Another sweet treat for those guests who want a quick respite from the richness of traditional sweets!

Halloween 3

4. Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Everybody’s favorite fall ingredient and favorite dessert of all time – pumpkin plus ice cream. This dessert just spells nostalgia like nothing else!

Halloween 4

5. Red Confetti Halloween Cupcakes

A simple recipe to make vibrantly colorful cupcakes! Your kids and those in the neighborhood are gonna love this treat when you hand these over.

Halloween 5


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Rahul.Chef.and.Writer's picture
Desserts....chocolate dipped apples surely ignites the senses
Anonymous's picture
all these desserts seem to be so yummy...i love the chocolate cupcakes!
Rashmi Ambadkar's picture
All these spooky desserts are simply amazing!perfect for a Halloween trick or treat...
Anonymous's picture
Apple Pie Topped with Peanut Butter Crumble is very tasty and easy to make dish...
Anonymous's picture
Spiderweb Chocolate Cupcakes? I will try them this Halloween.
yamini's picture
OMG!!! Where do you get such striking pictures from? the text is inspiring too.
Moonbeam's picture
ooooooooooooo......i really love the concept of pumpkin lanterns...any ideas and recipes?
foodiegal's picture
Wish you have given the recipes and decorating ideas as well.
foodpsychologist's picture
Choolate dipped apples are my favorite
Anonymous's picture
My kind of party.... everything sweet! good assortment of desserts
Anonymous's picture
It's these little things that make Halloween so special
barbecue's picture
Sulakshana's picture
I just loved the image :)
Anonymous's picture
bronzegoddess.bright's picture
This blog could do with more pictures.
chockyfoodie's picture
They indeed sound horrendous but tasty.
Top 5 Halloween Desserts