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Top 10 Halloween Snacks for Kids

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Dump unhealthy junk foods this Halloween and opt for nutritious snacks instead. Get set to prepare these droolworthy delights and entice your kid to give up all things sugary and fattening on the spooky occasion.


Scary Snacks That Kids Love


1.       Pumpkin Cookies 

These tinned pumpkin cookies symbolize Halloween like no other. Kids simply love them so prepare them by dozens and watch them vanish within seconds.

pumpkin cookies


2.       Halloween Candied Apples 

Give your kids a stick-in-your mouth treat in the form of these yummy candied apples, a must for Halloween.

Halloween candied apples


3.       Crunchy Spider Crackers 

Peanut butter crackers are popular throughout the year. Just give them a spider makeover courtesy pretzel sticks and chocolate chips and see your kids devour spiders like there will be no tomorrow.



4.       Ghost Sticks 

These are actually chocolate treats made of white and dark chocolate, shaped like ghosts and attached to a stick. Kids have great fun eating their ghosts on Halloween Day..



5.       Monster Fingers 

Give the kids a break from sweets! Serve hot fritters shaped like monstrous fingers. Don’t forget to splatter them with drops of blood made with tomato ketchup.

monster fingers


6.  Spooky Cupcakes 

 Cute cupcake ghosts, covered in colored frosting are sure to be a hit with your kids. Allow them to help you too and have fun eating them along with your naughty darlings.

Spooky cupcakes


7.      Witch’s Hat 

All you need is a round sandwich tin and lots of imagination. Present your kids with cute witch hat sandwiches that are bound to cast a spell on them.

witch's hat


8.       Mashed Mummies 

Mummify a huge bowl of mashed potatoes by shaping it on a board and serve it with plenty of greens and salad. The kids will be eager to eat the greens first so that the mummy cannot hide in the forest. Innovative and effective!

potato mummies


9.       Photon Potion 

Quench the thirst of your little ones by serving them with a quirky potion that can drive away the ghosts.



10.   Halloween Hotdogs 

Spend a few hours, fashioning squid shaped, wriggly hotdogs on Halloween and be rewarded with a huge smile on your child’s face.

halloween hot dogs


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Top 10 Halloween Snacks For Kids