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All Saints Day Food: Popular Food Served In All Saints Day

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The All Saints Day is observed by the Catholics on 1st November to commemorate all holy souls of the saints and martyrs, who do not have any particular feast day.  People also pray for the souls of their family members who have passed away in recent years.  As a celebration a feast is served to enjoy traditional All Saints Day food such as soul cakes, Catalan almond sweet, Catalan potato biscuits etc.

  • Soul Cakes is perhaps the most popular and traditional All Saints Day food among all. These cakes are prepared with unique type of shapes like men, women, skull or bones. Depending Soul Cakes with Raisinsupon the heritage and culture of the place, this cake has modified its style and shape. However, the basic ingredients remain more or less same. Flour is mixed with dissolved yeast and little sugar to stand for some time. At the same time, milk is prepared with the yeast for kneading with the flour. Butter and cinnamon powder are also used during kneading to get the desired flavor. When the dough rises to its double size, it is the time to give the special All Saints Day shape.  Sometimes raisins or currants are used to make the eyes of the skull or men and women. The dough is then baked inside the oven until it gets light brown color. To eat this special All Saints Day food, often a glaze is prepared by slightly boiling the combination of orange juice, sugar and grated orange peels. 
  • The Catalan Almond Sweets are a traditional sweet specialty of AllDelicious Panellets or Catalan Almond Sweets Saints Day, which is served with Spanish sparkling wine. To prepare this sweet dish, almonds are finely grinded and then mixed with a thick sugar syrup, which is made from almost same amount of sugar. A small amount of mashed potato is also combined with this mixture, along with grated lemon peels. Using this dough, small balls are formed and decorated in various ways using cocoa powder or coconut flakes or pine nuts etc to provide different flavors and tastes. Finally these balls are baked till they turn light brown.
    • The Meini or Pan de Mej is a traditional All Light and soft MeiniSaints Day food from Milan and Lombardy. However, these corn flour breads can also be eaten as breakfast on the next day morning, which is known as All Souls Day. These light breads taste heavenly when dipped into milk or fresh cream. Usually, the bread is prepared with the combination of corn flour and common wheat flour. Brown sugar, butter and eggs are added to the mixture to make soft dough. Small balls are then cut from the dough and made flattened in both sides using the palm. Sometimes the middle part is pressed a little with fingers. These breads are then baked inside the oven until they change the color.

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    All Saints Day Food: Popular Food Served In All Saints Day