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Happy birthday to all scorpions.

Hello scorpions. Sorry, its too late. Happy birthday to all of scorpions ,specially my husband “PERVEZ” my daughter “FARAH” my cousins “HIRA” in Karachi, SHIBLI & FAISAL in Delhi.There is question in minds ,who are scorpions?Answer is “ Those person born between 23 October to 22 November , they are scorpions.Actually, Scorpio is the zodiac sign.Generally, scorpions have very sensitive for all aspects of life. They have a capabilities to achieve their goals.There is a suggestion for scorpions, must use their Capabilities in positive sense for good result & best life.They have deep aspects of their personality. They have control their imagination, emotions, and deep thoughts are one of them.They have a positive aspect to spend a balance life.May GOD live long, and happy life to all scorpions. I have arrange a menu for birthday of scorpions. Cake is mean item for birthdays. For dinner " POORI" Aaloo ki bhaji( sabzi). Chicke Badami.  Sweet dish" KHEER". Best wishes for all of u.

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My son, Rob is a Scorpio! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Scorpio is one of the most prominent of all the zodiac signs. It represents one of the strongest, intelligent signs. The Scorpio personality is usually powerfully intense, strong, and persistent, and the traits of the Scorpio varies with both positive and negative characteristics. Overall, Scorpio's are generally powerful, independent, strong, and probing. Scorpios are considered the most profound and intense characters in the zodiac. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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The Tortilla Guy is a scorpio !!! The Tortilla Guy
Happy Birthday To All Scorpions.