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Turkey Talk Jokes For thanksgiving

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  • " Turkey With Six Legs!
    A poultry farmer was experiment to breed turkeys with more legs for greater profits. Finally, he succeeded. While narrating the results to his friends, he told them, "The turkey I bred had six legs!"

    His friends who had got quite excited, eagerly asked, "What about the taste?"

    The father said with a long-drawn face, "Do you think it is so easy to catch it?"

  • " Blonde's Turkey Dinner
    A blonde was out of her home on Thanksgiving Day for the first time and was missing her family desperately. Finally, she decided to cook the turkey herself just like her mom. Later when she was narrating her experiences to her mother, she said, "Mother, it was so difficult to eat the turkey."

    Her concerned mother asked, "Was it not cooked properly?"

    She said, "How do I know? It wouldn't sit still!"

  • " Give Me Both!
    A forgetful husband came to a butcher's shop on Thanksgiving Day, almost at the closing time to look for a turkey. The butcher showed him the only scrawny turkey he had.

    The man said, "This is too skinny. Do you have a fatter one?"

    Thinking himself to be vary smart, butcher took the turkey back and went to the freezer and brought it back after a few minutes.

    The man looked at the turkey for a long minute and then said thinking, "They are too thin. One won't do. Why don't you give me both? "

  • " Why The Rifle?
    The Grandma was showing kids, a painting of the Pilgrim Family on a Thanksgiving Day card that they had received and said, "The Pilgrim children enjoyed going to church with their mothers and fathers and praying to the God."

    Her youngest grandson looked at her doubtfully and asked, "Then why are their Dad carrying that rifle?"

  • " The Other One…
    The first Jewish President of the United States was inviting his mother to the Thanksgiving on phone. The mother said, "It's too much trouble, son, getting a cab and waiting in line..."

    He laughs her off and says, "Mom, there will be a limousine for you!"

    Not much enthusiastic, his mother replies, "But who knows will I get the ticket and the seat that would be comfortable to me? "

    The President instantly offers her a ride on Air Force One, his private jet, good-naturedly. The mother still found it a trouble to carry all that luggage and hire a cab! The President was a little put off and said that maybe a helicopter would be better for her. Finally, when she was assured that she would stay at the White House for she is the mother of the President, she finally agreed for the trip.

    Later she called her friend Betty to say, "I'm visiting my son for Thanksgiving!"

    Betty: "The doctor?"

    Mother: "No ... the other one."

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Turkey Talk Jokes For Thanksgiving