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Happy Birthday Message Wall Delivered to Shahrukh Khan

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How I got the Life Size Print of the Message Wall containing 1000+ Happy Birthday Messages Delivered at SRK's House/office!!

8.30a.m.- Chintan, Nitin and Sharib have to send me the pdf file for the messagewall (Birthday Wishes for SRK) but haven't. It's understandable...the wall has 1250 messages (more now)!First, I decide to hang around at home...once the file reaches my mail, I can save it in my pen drive and then go to the printers...

10.30a.m.- It's getting a bit late. I have to be at Shah Rukh's office at 2p.m...the printer will take atleast 4 hours to print, laminate and then mount the poster. I decide i'll receive the file at the printing shop. This would save me a good half an hour.

11.00 a.m.- I reach Allwyn Xerox in Andheri (E). Initially, they create a fuss about the file not being the actual size...but eventually, do a damn neat job.

1.00 p.m.- Finally the printing begins. Its a huge machine that can print any size x 5 ft. as the colours appear, I get really excited....the quality is just what we wanted. The size of our poster has increased from 3ft x 3ft to 5ft x 3 ft to 6 ft x 4 ft. I realise that the messages will be legible only at that size.

2.15 p.m.- The poster gets laminated. 2.30- It's mounted on a fibre 'sign' board.

2.45pm- The rough edges are cut out. 2.50- 'Alcohol' treatment-to clean the poster.

3.00p.m.- The 'wall' is packed. Manoj-the boy who managed the proceedings.

3.15 p.m.- The cab driver ties it to the roof of the cab.

He supports the poster (actually a hoarding by now!) from one side and I from the other.

'Mannat'- King Khan's abode. The Greek like structure in the front is his residence, the apartment like building behind is his office.

I enter from the side gate that takes me straight into this swanky Red Chillies' office.

4.15 p.m.- Karuna accepts the message wall. She seems pleasantly surprised by its size.

I venture into the office kitchen for a glass of water n I spot this. Another year...Another fan...Another Birthday present...

Another place- A news paper vendor and a display that says- Grab your copy of MidDay, edited by Shah Rukh Khan. Well, I got mine.

But it was a helluva experience doing this. And what a super effort - from the moment the wall was created by chintan and then pushed by sharib and nitin and then my final delivery, it has been an exciting 96 hrs !!!!! Dont forget to get a PDF copy of the wall at


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AnjaliD's picture
WOW!! I have to admit that you have got hajar enthu. (Hajar enthu - Bombay slang -meaning- lot of enthusiasm :) ) SRK better take note of all this :)
shantihhh's picture
way kewl! too bad he wasn't there! Shanti/Mary-Anne
vikas.kumar's picture
That was expected...he's a very very very busy man. The entire electronic media (with their live OB vans) was outside his house waiting endlessly. Anyway, I'm sure he's not got such a thing before and is gonna love it.
vikas.kumar's picture it what you may...some of my friends and I have been his hugest fans right since School...and it's always been just this one man...we're generally quite a charged up lot and in certain matters, we just don't want to know where to stop. I've always loved this enthusiasm in us.
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Snigdha's picture
Great...Am sure it takes a lot of enthusiasm, dedication, interest and planning to carry off such a thing!
Deepas's picture
Hey Vikas, It was so exciting knowing about the SRK Gift. Fantastic thought. You really worth a appriciation as this was a selfless act! I was very happy to see my message in second row. Hope SRK reads it :-) Good Going.... All the members who messaged yesterday are with you! Cheers, Deepa.
jaala's picture
Jaala The print looks great. They did a great job. So how was it in King Khans Kingdom?
vikas.kumar's picture
I loved his office...tastefully of it are still under construction though. It's certainly better than the other filmmakers' offices that I've seen in Mumbai.
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
Hey vikas, great job with great enthu....I am also a fan of SRK! By the way coverage of Message wall delivery is awesome!
vikas.kumar's picture
Thanks Ganesh! Well, the drive was strong and we also had a deadline...we wanted to deliver the wall on his birthday itself. I too learnt a bit about all kinds of printing, mounting etc... This wall was printed on Vinyl matte sticker which was then matte laminated and then stuck on to what they call a 'sign' board. Vinyl is much superior to normal paper. Lamination protects the ink and 'matte' lamination ensures that it doesn't shine. Mounting it on a 'sign' board ensures that it stays erect and can actually be hung or placed anywhere like a 'wall'. Some 'alcohol' treatment is done to further clean the poster and form a protective coating. While delivering, the board is packed in special paper that protects it from scratches etc...
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
Vikas, all work done that is the most important thing...and your passion and dedication is commendable!
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
By the way vikas, who is this KARUNA?
vikas.kumar's picture
Karuna is the contact person for SRK, she manages his appointments.
Silvia's picture
Thank you so much for all your great work with this b-day present for HIM. It was a pleasure to be a part of it. Looks amazing, awesome. Lots of love from Germany to all of you who was involved in this great project. Thanks a lot.
vikas.kumar's picture
Thanks to you, too...Silvia! By the way, Karuna (at SRK's office) was not at all surprised to see a large no. of msgs from your country...she said "Mr. Khan has a lot of fans in Germany". Thanks again for being such a big part!
Silvia's picture
Yes, that´s absolutly right. I am a member of ASIAN OUTLOOK FORUM and there are many Germans. For example : Many from AO including me was in London/Sommerset house at the CDI premiere and that was the first time I saw ShahRukh in person. His carisma is unbelivibale, so full of energy , so kind to everyone. He is a great human beeing and a great actor. I love CDI so much.
vikas.kumar's picture you're a new fan! We guys've been hooked right since Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge....actually since Baazigar in 1993. I too've heard about SRK's greatness from friends who've worked with him on Chak De n other films.
Silvia's picture
I am a fan since 4 years. Before I don´t know that he ecsist, you know? My admire for him starts with K3G, the first movie that was shown on german tv. And the next day I start my search for him in the internet. I love DDLJ, Chalte Chalte, One2Kar4,DEVDAS (mhh),SWADES, KANK. and..and..and.. He is an outstanding actor.
Nilanjana's picture
That was wonderful...God Bless you for that. I know I have been terribly late in sending this message but I have been a new memeber of But hey i have been in love with this man since Deewana. Have not gotten over my feelings even after 17 years. Havnt met him as of now but would love to meet him once in person before i die. A great job you did...
Shuby's picture
Wow, that was so sweet of you Vikas! I wonder what SRK has done with it?
vikas.kumar's picture
He loved it...I hope :) Don't really know what he had to say about it cause celebrities very often have endorsement issues...this one coming from
ravi kumar's picture
hi sharukh iam ravi fst of al iwish u a happy birth day to u nd frm al my frnds u r very skill ful man,all the abilities ur having ur vreyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyygood person on the earth so be confident bye tc sharukh nce agn happy birth day to u
vikas.kumar's picture
A very happy birthday to SRK. Thanks for having entertained us all these years and may you continue to do so for many more years to come...
rampratap's picture
i want to meet srk
rampratap's picture
wissing you to very happy birth day. i am your fan
Happy Birthday Message Wall Delivered To Shahrukh Khan