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Shahrukh Birthday Wishes Campaign

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The 10,000 Birthday Wishes for SRK Campaign Be Part of the biggest online Birthday Message Campaign for Shahrukh Khan.  Latest Update (as of 11pm, Nov 2nd): The Message WALL has been Delivered and we have pictures - See how the Wall was printed and delivered to SRK  Previous Updates (all times Indian Std Time): Nov 2nd, 5pm IST: Our contact in bombay and a big SRK fan, Vikas Kumar just delivered the 6ft by 4ft poster containg 1250 birthday wishes. I just received his sms saying, "Terrific. I've just delivered it to Karuna (SRK' Staff). She was quite surprised and pleased. She said SRK will definitely see it. She'll also get a picture of the card with SRK. Job well done. The poster looked sexy!"  Nov 2nd, 3.15 pm: Vikas reports that the poster has been printed and it looks awesome and he is about to leave for SRK's house in bandra  Nov 2nd, 1.30 pm - The poster is finally under way to get printed.There were technical difficulties in sizing the file for a large print ou.  Nov 2nd, - the PDF of the poster is emailed by chintan and khau to vikas in bombay. There is super excitement that al this is coming to a grand end! Fingers are all crossed !  Nov 1st. Vikas speaks to the Staff of SRK's production company, Red Chillies. And they have assured that the Brithday Card will be given to Shahrukh on Nov 2nd. He MAY be there at the office to receive this himself!!!
 How Did This Start and Who Are You Guys? We are a bunch (three to be precise, which is not much of bunch) of Shahrukh fans. We have grown up watching his movies and with each passing year and movie, the admiration only grows stronger. And why not, if one has to judge SRK's super peformance in Chak De and his much-gawked at six-pack in the much awaited OSO (Om shanti om, fyi). So one night, which happens to be like 2 days ago, one of us (chintan to be exact), trying to beat his insomnia, was roaming the "streets" of orkut when he chanced upon a link for wishing SRK on his upcoming birthday (now you dont want me to tell you when THAT is ! ok, its 2nd nov). So it suddenly dawned upon him that one could make this really special and big. So he created a message wall at this new site which allows one to create a cool wall where people can leave messages (he discovered that to on a sleepless night)! And then lo and behold he had two of his buddies, khau_khan and nitin get all excited (super SRK fans that they are) and ready to push this campaign to get 10,000+ birthday wishes for SRK. And then they thought, "hey lets print all these messages on a Life-Size Birthday Card" (how cool would that be) and send it through their friend, vikas (in bollywood) on SRK's birthday!  So how does this work? Very simple - all you need is to wish SRK a Happy Birthday here. As we begin to collect more and more messages , our goal is to reach the target of 10,000. So the other thing you can do is to spread the word by emailing friends, fans and family about this campaign. On 2nd Nov, 8 am EST, we will print all the messages on a large life size Birthday Card and this will be delivered to Sharukh's Red Chillies Production Offices in Bombay. As simple as that! But the wall will remain and you can keep writing more messages and coming back to it anytime you want (so that next year we have a bigger wall).  Who else has helped spread the Word? We would love to thank other SRK fans who have helped spread the word about this campaign. These are 1. Maryam from hannover , germany and really got the SRK fans in germany active. Zeba from delhi thanks a ton for the support. Avinash from Gurgaon, india for spreading the message
2. Thanks those who put links at following places
What else can i do? Well if you are not content with just wishing SRK a happy birthday, then bake him a cake! Imagine that you were asked by SRK to cook for him or say just bake a cake for him on his bday!What would you make? Get creative and submit your recipes

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Shah Rukh Khan has been the no.1 reason I gave up my childhood dream of becoming a doctor, and drifted to theatre and films. I saw Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and was hooked. Since then, he's been a constant inspiration. I've followed his interviews in tabloids, magazines, on the telly...he's definitely the most intelligent man I know of. I love his confidence, his style, his wit, his performances. I admire his qualities as an actor, entertainer, a husband, a father, a friend. He's touched the hearts n lives of millions across the globe n I'm no exception. I enrolled into Barry John's acting school and then worked with his theatre group TAG, just because he's SRK's acting guru (and by far the best acting teacher in the world). Barry too spoke of SRK's intelligence and his dedication towards his work. He told us how Shah Rukh (in his TAG days) would arrive early for rehearsals (at Gargi College, New Delhi) and broom the floor by the time the others arrived. Today, though people in the west may not agree, statistically, he's the biggest superstar in the world...he's bigger than Tom Cruise! He's the only actor who can guarantee an initial (according to a hindi film actress, "At the box office, only two things sell- SEX and SHAH RUKH KHAN"). I could go on endlessly about the only person (apart from my dad) to have so strongly affected the way I think and act…and I’m no starry eyed fan. More than the way he acts in his films, I very strongly relate to the way he thinks. 2007 has been a great year for Shah Rukh. He anchored Kaun Banega Crorepati (the Indian version of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’) and of course, made good money! Madam Tussauds made his wax statue for their museum (long due)…, another museum in France has approached him for a similar honour. His only release, Chak De India, has been the best and the most successful film till now. November 9 is Diwali and his home production, OM SHANTI OM, where he’s also the lead actor, releases. My best wishes to SRK for his 42nd birthday on the 2nd of November…and his film’s release on the 9th.
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dude, this should be on the first page of any shahrukh fan site! What an ODE - i think this should be a message on the Message wall itself Bon Appetite!
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what a comment - that should be the best one i have read
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To Deaest Shahrukh Many many happy returns of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Tum jiyo hazaron saal" "yehi hai meri duya" u will always b d undisputed no.1 actor in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lots of happiness 4 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur biggest fan ever naina
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great message - but you should also leave it on the SRK Birthday Message Wall Bon Appetite!
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He is gorgeous! Happy Birthday to this Scorpio! The reigning King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, is set to take London by storm at the world premiere of Om Shanti Om, the most awaited Bollywood release of the year. The premiere will take place at Leicester Square on Thursday, November 8. Shah Rukh, will bring the electrifying glamour to London's West End, as the entire square will become a Bollywood spectacle, to celebrate the long-awaited release of 2007's biggest blockbuster – Om Shanti Om. King Khan will be joined by a host of the industry's most magnanimous, including debutante, Deepika Padukone, Arjun Rampal, Shreyas Talpade and Karan Johar, who will partake in a Q&A session at the Media Conference, before gracing the evening's red carpet premiere. Kishore Lulla, Chairman and CEO of Eros International comments, "Eros has always enjoyed a fantastic relationship with Shah Rukh Khan, and we are looking forward to the release of Om Shanti Om during the festive season of Diwali. It is one of the most awaited films of the year and we are excited to be leveraging Eros' global distribution by promoting the film." Om Shanti Om is releasing in cinemas worldwide on November 9. >> More News Shanti/Mary-Anne
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finally, i see your comment - i was wondering why you hadnt siad anything on this thread. did you leave your message at the wall And/or submitted your recipe for his bday - see this Bon Appetite!
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for you Vikas and all the other fans: Shanti/Mary-Anne
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many many happy returns of the day. u r so good. but i dont know y some people hate u.before 6 months i came to bandra to visit ur house and lefted a message for u.i m tooooooooooooooooo small from u.then also i luv u in different way as a friend. i m very secreative girl and i like to help others.i m the biggest fan of u in the world.
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Hi all srk fans...have just reached home after delivering the huge poster (mounted on hard sign board) at Mannat (SRK's residence and office). Karuna received it for him. She's been very sweet n co-operative...said, SRK will definitely see it today. God! How I wish King Khan was there...actually, its understandable...everyone wants a piece of him and today being his birthday, he does need time with family n friends...apart from the various meetings that he always has lined up. See the full sequence of events in pics
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Hi, I am Mathi from Tamilnadu. I like u so much shah rukh. Iam a big fan of You. I like you movie. You are so cute in Om Shanthi Om, Chak de and dil se.
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hi shah i m ur biggest fan u r the one who i admire in my dreams i love u a lot i always wish to watch actually but i never had seen u plz come in kashmir some day so dat i may be able to see u aasi bauhat si bataa jo ma aap sa karna chati hoo par ma itni khaas nahi hoo na to ...........
Shahrukh Birthday Wishes Campaign