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Diwali in Bollywood films!

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Diwali - the festival of light is regarded as one of the most important and glamorous festival among all of the festivals celebrated in India. It is one such festival, which is celebrated by all throughout the country.

Diwali in Bollywood films:

Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan in film "Kabhi khusi kabhi gam"

Amitabh,Hemamalini,Salman Khan,Rani Mukharjee celebrating Diwali in film "BABUL"

diwali celebrations in film "Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gam"

Suggest the menus and recipes for Diwali celebrations and share your experiences about Diwali!

Wish you a very Happy Diwali!

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Diwali (prounounced De-val-e) is one of my favourite holidays! It has so much meaning. In the South of India it is known by its' Sanskrit word "Deepavali" - Deepa meaning light and Avali, meaning a row. It is a major Indian festival that is very significant in Hinduism. Known as the "Festival of Lights," it symbolizes the victory of good over evil, and lamps (called diyas or kandils) are lit as a sign of celebration and hope for humankind. Diwali is celebrated for five consecutive days at the end of Hindu month of Ashwayuja. It usually occurs in October/November, and is one of the most popular and eagerly awaited festivals in India. Diwali comes exactly twenty days after Dussehra. Hindus and Sikhs alike regard it as a celebration of life and use the occasion to strengthen family and social relationships. Special treats such as Carrot payasam, Khodbale, Bessan Laddu, Badam Barfi , and so on are enjoyed and given. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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for making diwali more delicious :
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Diwali, the festival off lights is big event even in the Bollywood to shine and sparkle a bit more!!!
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Diwali celebrations in Bollywood films are so grand and fascinating !!
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I adore Deepavali! The festival of lights spreads happiness!
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Wow......thats the information most of the people will be looking for their favorite Bollywood star will be celebrate Diwali this year..
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ummm....i would say the day of Diwali should begin with hot jalebis, kesariya badam milk and poori sabzi. The lunch thali can be paneer tikka, masala gobhi, alu dam, dal tadka, navratna pulao, papad, chutney and gulab jamun. The evening meal can comprise samosas and laddus accompanied by lots of patakha cracking and then, the dinner can be an elaborate fare with pulao, puri/paratha, sabzi, dal, paneer butter masala,kheer and so on...
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diwali is a festval of great pomp and show in bollywood industry. lights allk around are really the major attractions!
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The sets, drama, ambience... the whole feel of diwali in bollywood movies is spectacular
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wow... such a vibrant and colorful post on Diwali... it is as gorgeous as the festival, itself... and beautiful images, depicting the perfect mood of diwali... Wish you all a Happy Diwali...!!!
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Beautiful post..
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Such a beautiful festival and so many delicious recipes to cook. Diwali truly explains the joie de vivre spirit of India.
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Diwali has been a part of our Bollywood films and have been celebrated in a big. big way in tele-serials too
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Diwali celebrations in real life mimic films today
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Diwali brings joys for all and I am waiting for it!
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Full filmy info !!
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I love the bollywood style celebrations:)
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Wow...amazing pics..We love to follow bollywood
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festivals are celebrated with highfalutin in bollywood
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Diwali is bollywood's fav festival
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I am big fan of Diwali festivities.
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Anyone noticed how festive celebrations in Bollywood movies hardly emphasis on the yummy foods?! Its mostly the song, dance and clothes :P
Diwali In Bollywood Films!