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Menhdi" a part of marriage ceremony".

     Menhdi is known as plant. It used as a herb and cosmetics also.

    In urdu & english also Menhdi called "HINA".

    It is a common plant found most parts of India-Pakistan.

    Menhdi is used in some hurbal medicines as a hurb, other side it used as a cosmetics.It gives colour to hond & feet of ladies and as a hair conditioner also.

                                                    Menhdi is the name of ceremony also,it is the part of a marriage ceremony spl in Indian-Pakistani community.

This ceremony acttualy from Panjab region ( both side).

 In this ceremony the guests and members of both sides ( Bride & Groom) gathered at each other houses with gift for bride & groom for a charming celebration.

Some ceremonies are becomes our cultural symbols. Menhdi ceremony is known as a one of cutural symbol of Pakistan.

     Menhdi celebrated as a main part of marriage ceremony in Pakistan. Its held commonly 1-2 day before the marriage.

                The Menhdi ceremony of LAHORE is the most famous.

                                        There is a variety of dishes & cvusines at the dinner  in Menhdi ceremony.  Variety of sweets and desserts , different type of main dishes made from  meat & chicken & Biryani also. 

                      Mostly guests likes different type of KABABS & BAR-B-Q items spl at this occaision .                         















































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Menhdi" A Part Of Marriage Ceremony".