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How To Celebrate The Sweet Eid

Eid ul fitr

Eid-ul-Fitr is the most widely celebrated festival of the Muslim community and every year, it is celebrated with equal fervor and true spirit.


All traditional values concerning this festival are same in India and Pakistan.


Sewaiyaan (vermicelli in milk) is a sweet dish served on this occasion in both countries, but different countries prepare these sewaiyaan in different ways, with some recipes even preparing it with chocolate.


Image Courtesy: faridbinmasood

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Ganesh.Dutta's picture
hey Naushaba , It's so nice...........keep it up!
Hi, Gnesh ji thanks a lot .Really and u & shantihh are my true buddies & net friend alway give me possitive suggestions & encourage me.
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
welcome naushaba! what is the name of this cute baby?
She is my niece named "IMAN" with my brother.
shantihhh's picture
And your daughter is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Thanks a lot Shantihh ji.
oceania.ali's picture
salam naushaba, thanx for the pics u uploded... specealy the dinner is mouth watering dish ..if i m not mistaken it is BIRYANI....ha hahaha
bigkhan's picture
hi,, lovers, i thank, to naushba tabassum,she,had,put,the eid,celebration,exactly in the same maners,people of india-pakistan,observe it.she nicely exhibited,the same famous items of foods,served in both coutries to their guests and family members. big khan
bigkhan's picture
Now,doubt,after,30,days of fasting of great and holi,ramadan,the festive,occasion of Eid,comes and it brings,the smile of the faces of all muslims whether rich or poors.all celebrates it great enthusiasm.important ritual of zkaat [2.5%] of belonging and earnings are paid to poors,to bring smile on their faces.this is a very important part of islamic faith,it gives messages of brotherhood between,have,n,not have big khan
humainedd's picture
there are various tradition to celebrate eid in various areas in some areas eid celebrated with very simplicity and eid also celebrated with lot lot of passion in many areas as well
cancerianeyess's picture
Yes Eid is most celebrated in India and Pakistan because in these countries muslim lives in large number and they celebrated eid with there own ways
How To Celebrate The Sweet Eid