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BHANDARA :A Unique Food Tradition During Navaratri!

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Navaratri  is being celebrated throughout India with traditional flavour and geity. Navratri  is a Hindu festival of worshiping Goddess Durga . The festival is celebrated for nine nights twice every year during mid-March and the beginning of October.







Goddess Durga!

The most unique food related feature of Navaratri celebration is- BHANDARA .

During Bhandara, Prasad is  distributed to each and everybody taking part in the celebration. Prasad is a gracious gift.  Anything, usually edible, that is first offered to Goddess Durga and then distributed in Her name to devotees.In its material sense, prasada is created by a process of giving and receiving between a human devotee and the divine god.

During Bhandara mainly fruits ,sweets, poori, chole ,halwa etc.are distributed as prasad.People enjoy with this prasad items  in full devotional way. Mainly temples are arranging bhandaras regularly specially during Navaratries as well as common people. 

Exclusive Visual scenes of Bhandara from Delhi:


Navaratri Bhandara: Prasad Distribution!


Prasad Menu: Poori and Chole!


  waiting for  Divine Bliss!


 A Unique Food Tradition!


 Taking the Devotional Taste!


 Navaratri utsav with

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Bhandara is a great indian food culture ,that is organise not only in navaratri also on various festivals specially halwa and fry channa also served.
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This makes me want to go back to India again! (What's the weather like in mid-March? July was unbearably hot, even in Kashmir!)
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Warm Welcome ! mid-march would be the best season for visiting India.
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It depends on what part of India you vist as the weather North to Suth and East to West varies greatly! You know monsoons and such. Shanti/Mary-Anne
BHANDARA :A Unique Food Tradition During Navaratri!