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Top 9 Food Tips for Holiday Travel This Season

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It is that time of the year. Hopefully, all of you are getting some family time in. While the holidays are all about family, love, gifts, Santa and home cooked meals, it also means, for many of us, long travels to see our loved ones. In this post I am going to focus on some tips to make your road trips easier and more fun. Hopefully you will find some of them handy for your next trip. Safe travels and happy holidays!!!

1. Sandwiches to go

The morning of the trip or the night before, prepare some easy sandwiches. Meats are usually not a good idea, as they won’t hold well for long and in the heat of the car. But a simple cucumber, tomato or pesto sandwich will hold very well. The driver can eat them too while driving without much fuss. A PB&J will make all kids and adults equally happy.

2. Cereal bars or energy bars

I usually never leave without these anywhere. They are my anytime munching snacks. You will seldom find my travel bag without it.  Don’t get the sugary ones, but rather the more nutritious ones which are high in protein. You won’t get a sugar crash later on!

3. Dried fruits and nuts

Another no prep no fuss item. Make your own trail mix by mixing some dried fruits and nuts. I usually like to portion mine in small single serve ziplock bags. Pop one out whenever you feel like snacking, and it will keep you going for a while.
4. Fruits and veggies

If you are traveling with kids, baby carrots are great. Other fruits you can carry with you are bananas, strawberries, berries, grapes.

5. Magazines, books, coloring supplies

If you are making a pretty long trip, you might want to carry some of your favorite magazines, or a story book for your kids, coloring supplies can help kids be occupied if you make some stops on the way like restaurants or rest areas. My kids are restless after being made to sit in the car for more than half hour!

6. Paper towels

This is probably the most forgotten and the most important. I just cannot deal with the 100+ napkins I acquire during a road trip. I like to keep a roll of thick paper towel handy to keep things organized and clean. It stays put in the back of the car, and can be retrieved easily when needed. It doubles up as paper plates and you can clean up the spills with it when done.

7. Beverages

This is a tricky one. I have seen that coolers etc don’t hold well for iced drinks. So usually I pass on that. However I always carry big refillable bottles for water. We keep refilling them at our stops, that way we don’t have to keep buying water every time.

8. Designate a waste basket

Take a big paper and plastic bag (I know I shouldn’t, but I am going to recommend plastic!) to hold your trash accumulated over the trip. Those banana peels, sandwich wrappings, the used paper towels all go in there quietly. Just toss them out whenever you make a stop. Simple and easy isn’t it. Between this and the paper towels, you won’t have to clean you car when you come back.

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Top 9 Food Tips For Holiday Travel This Season