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Top 7 Thanksgiving Turkey Poisoning Protection Tips

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Turkey poisoning

The Thanksgiving Turkey is something that our taste buds crave for throughout the year.  But be careful while cooking the turkey because there are chances that you might get food poisoned. With the H1N1 Flu still doing the rounds, you don’t want to be down with another infection right? has come up with some tips on how to avoid food poisoning by turkey.


•    Don’t cook large amounts as leftovers breed  food poisoning germs

•    Thaw frozen turkey a couple of days before cooking

•    Wash and sanitize any surface coming into contact with the turkey

•    Clean and sterilize utensils

•    Cook bird at 180 F at least for 15 seconds before serving

•    Prepare stuffing outside bird on a stove top

•    For storing leftovers, remove meat from bird and store in shallow dish. Don’t store the entire carcass

With these tips in mind, have a mind blowing Thanksgiving Turkey fest!



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