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Top 4 Tips to Fixing Thanksgiving Turkey Mistakes

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Turkey Cooking Tips!


There are probably a lot good Turkey cooks out there, but cooking a perfect Thanksgiving Turkey that is juicy and moist can be something most of us may find tricky. So with this year’s Thanksgiving is just about a week away, here are some great Turkey cooking tips that may come handy when cooking this big bird…


The time is up and the turkey is not cooked!

Well, you may either blame the recipe you chose or the turkey itself. However, why not try this out: If turkey is taking too long, try raising the temperature. Doing so will cook the tender part first, the breasts. Take the whole turkey out, now slice off the breast from the rest of the turkey, return the uncooked turkey back to the oven and cook for sometime longer while you serve the cooked portion.



Turkey is cooked before time:

Again, you need to blame the source of your recipe! But don’t panic, here is something you can do – Keep aluminum foil handy, wrap the turkey loosely with the foil and let it sit in the oven until you serve it.


Did I just burn the Turkey?

Many times it so happens that turkey browns to fast. If you have experienced it once or twice before, you'd better not take a chance this Thanksgiving, Try wrapping the turkey loosely with foil to prevent fast browning! Covering with foil also helps in even cooking.


My Turkey Isn't Browning!

Well, that’s not the case. Try this secret of turkey browning for this Thanksgiving – All you need to do is to adjust the oven temperature to high and brush the turkey with some glaze mix which may be honey and melted butter. the turkey juices, or something else that will help in fast browning.

I hope this Thanksgiving you all cook the best turkey ever and let me know if these tips came handy!


Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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Top 4 Tips To Fixing Thanksgiving Turkey Mistakes