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Janmashtami Cuisine

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Today is Janmashtami. Janmashtami is celebrated in India to mark the birth of Lord Krishna. The rituals and customs observed on this day are varied. There’s fasting by devotees, chanting of mantras and shlokas, singing devotional songs, dancing to mark the events in Krishna’s life, there are plays staged. One peculiar custom is followed in Gujarat where ladies give up household chores for the day and spend time playing cards and betting money! Of course, like any other festival in India, Janmashtami too is an occasion for preparation of some mouth watering dishes…especially sweets. Some of the Janmashtami delicacies are:


Singhare Ki Poori - unleavened bread made from dough made out of waterchestnut flour, mashed potatoes, spinach, water, salt and flavourings and rolled into small discs and deep fried.


Shrikhand - A dessert made by mixing sugar, cardamom powder and saffron in strained yogurt.

Shrikhand Recipe by Snigdha -

Shrikhand Recipe by Shakti -

Shrikhand Recipe by Nisha -

Shrikhand Recipe by Dr Bhaldave -

Pedha - Khoya (reduced milk) based dessert.


Til Ki Kheer (Sesame Pudding) - a dessert made by boiling crushed roasted sesame with milk, condensed milk, sugar and flavourings.


Aloo Chaat - Sweet and sour potatoes, tossed in spices.


Arvi Chaat - Taro Corms, tossed in spices.


Kheer (Rice Pudding) - A dessert made by boiling rice with milk, condensed milk, sugar and flavourings.

Kheer Recipe by Vikash -

Murukku (Rice Chakli) - A snack made from urad (black matpe) and rice flour and flavourings like salt, chilly powder, asafetida, cumin etc.

Kalakand/ Milk Burfi (Indian Cheese-Cake Squares)

Panchamrit - made from banana, curd, sugar, ghee (clarified butter), milk and tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves.

The list could get very long. Lord Krishna’s Birthday is celebrated across the length and breadth of India. With our diverse cultural backgrounds come extremely diverse and unique recipes. 

Here are some more: Gopalkala, Kuttu Paratha, Milk Poli, Panjiri, Kaju Burfi, Sabudana Khichhdi, Sabudana Kheer…

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Janmashtami Cuisine