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14 romantic ideas for 14th feb

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14 romantic ideas for 14th febHere some ideas for making valentine's day more romantic:

1.Take a ride to see the trees in spring blossom.

2.Take a horse-drawn carriage ride.

3.Watch the sunset together (best at the lake, ocean, or mountains).

4.Take a moonlight canoe ride. Be safe (wear life preservers, just in case)!

5.Have a candlelight picnic in the backyard.

6.Renting a pair of skates is only a few dollars. After a couple of hours of skating when hands are frozen and the excitement has worn off, go home and make some hot chocolate and enjoy cuddling the night away in front of a warm fire.

7.Find a restaurant in a little town about an hour away. Stop every now and then to take pictures of each other (or have someone take a picture of you together). Take romantic pictures, funny pictures, pictures of the scenery. If you time it right, you can get a picture of the sunset. Get the waiter to take your picture. Then on your next date, after getting the pictures developed, make a collage of your date together.

8.Go to a formal dance. Frame a picture of you and your date, wrap it up, and present it at the conclusion of your date.

9.Take a walk on the beach. If you live near the ocean or a large lake, taking a walk on the beach or the shoreline at sunset or in the moonlight can be very romantic and peaceful.

10.Show up with 2 letters (one for each of you) and some paper and pens. Write each other a letter saying how you feel about the other or anything special about the relationship and where you think you'll be or what you think you'll be doing in a certain amount of time. Then, agree to open them in a week, month, year, etc.

11.Throw a prom! Hand your spouse an invitation when he/she leaves the house in the morning with a blindfold and a nice outfit. Give instructions to spruce up, put on the blindfold when he/she gets to the door, then knock. You must look your best, also. Decorate your living room in a prom type style and set out a candle light dinner. Have music playing when he/she enters.

12.When your date is far away or busy, do this: Before you hang up ask him/her to meet you in your dreams (in an open baseball stadium on the pitchers mound, in a canoe in the middle of the lake at sunset, etc.). Be specific.

13.Take a walk on the beach, bring some sodas/sandwiches, and have a nice romantic talk. Sit on the dock with your feet in the water.

14.Go out to the lake just before sundown, where you have a boat waiting. Inside the boat there is a small cooler that contains 2 plates of spagetti, chopsticks and candles. Float out on the lake and have a candlelight dinner (an maybe go for a swim). Finish the night with s'mores.

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vikash.kumar1's picture
What about point No. 9 or 14..good ideas! 
veer's picture
Its too GoodBest idea-9
Ginny69's picture
Good ideas but do most men really care about these things?
Ginny69's picture
BTW, I do like most of these ideas # 3 is my fav
nehapaul's picture
in my view best ideas is 3 & 11
jaala's picture
Im in love with the idea of love... i had taken a carriage ride. it was absolutely romantic.
jaala's picture
great ideas... would love to try as many.
Ghazala.yasmin's picture
good ideas
shantihhh's picture
Great hints ! But Spring trees in February? You are truly a romantic-your lady is very forunate! Shanti/Mary-Anne
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
thanks Shanti/Mary-Anne, With due respect I want to say that Romance is an emotion of the heart, and it gives a new outlook to life. It makes one feel good. It makes one feel in heaven. a person in romance needs nothing more than his/her beloved. That is romance! When you look at the clouds flying across the sky, when you enjoy the setting sun, when you marvel at the beauty of the snow topped mountain peaks, you feel that no sight can better these beautiful scenes. Take a look at the faces of a pair in deep romantic love with each other and you will say - i was wrong. Romance is beautiful!
maldonado's picture
good ideas........
Sarita.Bhandarkar's picture
Chill winter itself is a romantic season according to me...
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
Hey Sarita , I think that you are absolutely right.
shantihhh's picture
Perhaps I see romance differenty after having been married for a long time. It is far more than enjoying the beauty of a rainbow or a sunset together. It is far more than a ride in horse drawn carriage. It is all these plus so much more. As love matures, you have children, grandchildren, and romance takes on a maturity where all you have said is true, but far more has grown from the relationship. You still walk hand in hand as one in mind, body and soul - and take in the beauty around you and in each other. You actually enjoy the beauties of life and your family far more than those first emotions of falling in love. Each day brings a new joy in love if you nuture the relationship. What is the beauty or romance of love? Communicating to each other your most cherished thoughts and deepest emotions in pure honesty. My husband often buys me a lovely bouquet of flowers for no special day or reason just because he loves me. That is a part of true romance. We do for each other little things without reason. Romance and love take many steps as you grow together and unconditional love is present. You never want to allow that romance of love to slip through your fingers and ebb away as it is often the glue that holds you together in tough times. To be capable of real love means becoming mature, with realistic expectations of the other person. It means accepting responsibility for our own happiness or unhappiness, and neither expecting the other person to make us happy nor blaming that person for our bad moods and frustrations. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Sarita.Bhandarkar's picture
Yes are right.I got married just 9 months back...and such a short period of time has made me much mature...Yet to experience more nice things in the coming years as you mentioned. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
shantihhh's picture
Sarita The important thing is to enjoy each day, don't look back with regrets knowing that each day is a building and foundation for the next and the next. We learn by our mistakes and grow to become mature in love thinking of others, but always taking care of our needs so resentment never creaps into our thoughts. I know for Steve and I we are best friends for sure, love to talk to each other, we share our thoughts, hopes, desires, and yes there is romance along the way, but a much fuller feeling of unconditional love developed over the years. We are fortunate to really like each other not just loving each other. People always think we are just married. Our children are married with children of their own and we are very close with them. Our grand daughter Tiffiny Marie is in my photo here on iFood.TV, which she calls "pretty in pink." In fact today "our kids" Andrew and Tiffiny are coming over and we are making pasta with them. This picture on Cooking With Kids is when we last made pasta with them. We will take a video or two today to share here on Cooking With Kids. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Sarita.Bhandarkar's picture
Shanti Thank you very much...Thanks a lot. Me and Raghuveer, ours was an arranged marriage which is very common in India. We met on March 18, 2007 for the first time and got married on 5th of Apr, 2007. We didn't get much time to know each other before marriage. And after 9 months I can say that I know him completely. He is the greatest friend of mine now. I'll always keep your words in my mind.
Sonia.theenigma's picture
Love is also a lot about expressing your feelings. And the three magical words works wonders in tough times. Without keeping feelings to yourself one should open up and speak their heart out,so that the other person knows how exactly you feel.
denniscurtains's picture
I will keep these in mind
L.A. Hunter's picture
All great ideas! Couples need to consciously keep romance alive. Another idea is sitting with your love and a bottle of wine thinking of more romantic things you can do in the future. It's fun to daydream together about romance.
14 Romantic Ideas For 14th Feb