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Holiday Nut

Holiday nut is a delicious, nutty and crunchy dish. Not only are these nuts ideal as starters and snacks, the delicious holiday nuts can be used for decorating cakes, pastries, chocolates and even gifts specially on the occasion of Christmas. Holiday nut recipes can be both salted and sweet. Countless varieties of holiday nut recipes can be prepared by assorted nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, chestnuts, and peanuts, to name just a few.

Ingredients & Methods of Preparation of Holiday Nut Recipes
The ingredients required for holiday nut recipe depends upon the type of nut to be used. For instance, for preparing holiday nut squares ingredients like cashews, almonds, caramel and butterscotch is required, while the preparation of holiday date nut cookies requires dates, cookies, pineapple, etc. Salted and nicely spiced holiday nut recipes can also be prepared. Some examples of salted holiday nut recipes are pistachio recipes, roasted chestnut recipe, pine nut recipes, rosemary walnut recipes and many more.

Serving Holiday Nut Dishes
Sweet holiday nuts can be served cold, normal or even warm, while the salted ones are generally served normal or warm.

Some Health Facts to Holiday Nuts
Due to the high content of calories in nuts in general, these are not at all recommended for those following strict diet programs. Individuals having less strong kidneys are not suggested to have these special nuts. Sweet holiday nuts are not suitable for those having diabetes.