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Almond Filling

Almond filling is a stuffing that is typically flavored with almonds. Almonds used in this filling can either be in the form of paste or can be roasted and grounded before incorporating in the recipe. This filling is usually creamy in texture due to the presence of cream and butter. The nutty and crunchy flavor is the result of crushed almonds. Sugar is also included to give a sweet touch to the almond filling recipe. Egg yolks and vanilla essence are the additional ingredients that may be integrated to the filling for extra richness and taste.

Though almond filling is produced by combining various ingredients, it is typically used as an ingredient by itself. In few instances, it is prepared with Amaretto, which is an almond flavored liquer. There are many recipes that can be prepared with this filling. Some of them are almond filled chocolate covered cherries, cookies with almond paste and almond filled baked apples.

History and Origin of Almond Filling Recipe

There is no documented evidence related to the history and origin of Almond filling. Though there are many traditional and conventional dishes that include this filling as the main ingredient. It is believed that in 1532, a pastry filled with almond paste was first invented by Count Cesare in Rome.

Culinary Uses of Almond Filling Recipe

Almond filling is used as a stuffing for cakes, pastries and tarts. Its nutty flavor and creamy texture makes it a well-liked filling for sweet baked dishes. Even fruits such as apples, pear and cherries are also incorporated in desserts with almond paste. Baked apple with almond filling is a quite interesting dish.

This filling is even flavored with Amaretto. This almond-flavored liquer provides a similar taste to the recipe when mixed with sugar, butter and cornstarch. In few recipes, roasted and crushed almonds are also added to give a crunch to the recipe. Many dessert and puddings are also flavored with almond filling.

Popular Dishes Made with Almond Filling

• Baked apples with almond filling – In this dish, apples are filled with almond paste and then baked with a sugar glaze.
• Almond filled chocolate covered cherries – Cherries are filled with little almond paste and rolled in melted chocolate chips.
• Almond filled Hungarian cookies – This Hungarian specialty is prepared by filling cookie dough with almond paste before baking.

Cuisines Commonly Making Almond Filling Recipe

Almond filling is an ingredient that is popular universally. Almost all cuisines use this filling in some or the other form. American as well as European cuisines, utilize it as a dessert ingredient. Cakes, pastries and even baked fruits are usually flavored with almond filling. Even almond paste is also used as a breakfast item in these cuisines.

In Indian and Pakistani cuisine, almond filling or almond paste is typically used to make many sweet and savory dishes. Amaretto is an Italian liquer that contains almond flavor is typically used in making Italian as well as many popular dishes in other cuisines.

Methods of Preparation of Dishes Made of Almond Filling Recipe

• Baking – Almond filling is widely used in making baked products such as cakes, pastries and tarts.
• Stuffing – It is a filling, hence it is extensively used for stuffing purposes.

Buying and Storing of Almond Filling

Almond filling is typically prepared at home with the ingredients easily obtainable from the local grocery store.

It can be prepared in advance and stored in air tight jars in refrigerator. The filling should not be kept for more than 2-3 days due to the highly perishable items such as milk and cream.

Nutritive Value of Almond Filling Recipe

Almond filling is a quite nutritive ingredient that contains carbohydrates and dietary fibers. Almonds are typically rich in monosaturated fats and Vitamin E, hence almond paste is really beneficial for skin as well. Milk and butter are also rich in proteins and calcium.