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Maggi Noodles

Maggi noodles is one of the world’s popular instant noodle brands. It is owned by Nestlé and is majorly sold in Australia, South Africa, India, Brazil, Brunei, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines and Fiji. It is also called Maggi Mee in some countries. It is sold under the brand name Maggi which markets soups, broths, stocks, ketchup, coconut milk powder and instant noodles.


Maggi noodles were created in Switzerland in around 1895. Julius Maggi invented this snack. It was only in 1947 that Maggi merged into Nestle family. It was launched in India in the 1980’s by Nestle. Since then Maggi Noodles sales have consistently grown and today it is considered as a commodity.


Noodle base – Refined wheat flour, vegetable oil, guar gum and salt

Tastemaker – Sugar, salt, spice mix powder (turmeric, cumin, chili, coriander), onion powder, garlic powder, hydrolyzed groundnut protein, dehydrates vegetables (carrot, green peas, onion, beans), Flavor enhancer

Health and Nutrition Facts

Serving size – 100 g

Calories – 440 cal, Fat – 16 g, Saturated fat- 3 g, Sodium – 1170 mg, Total Carbohydrate – 62 g, Protein – 11 g

· Maggi noodle is very high in calories and fat. It is not advisable for people suffering from obesity, diabetes and weight problems. Saturated fat increases the risks of cardiovascular diseases. It also leads to blockages in the heart.

· It is very high in carbohydrates but has no fiber, vitamins and minerals. It contains high sodium. About 50% of the recommended allowance.

· Earlier, maggi noodle contained monosodium glutamate (MSG) which was a potential carcinogen and caused other nervous system risks. Recently, a healthier version has been launched which does not contain MSG and is low in salt. It is also being promoted as trans fat free.

· There have been recent contradictions since CSE has accused the brand and company for misleading the consumers by stating that it is trans fat free as analytical results have proven that it contains trans fat. They have also accused maggi noodle for having high sodium.

· It is healthier to eat whole wheat instead of the regular variant. Healthier snacks should be made instead of consuming maggi noodle.

· It can be enriched by added vegetables like carrots, onion, tomato, green peas, cabbage, etc. Eggs can also be added to the noodles. It will enhance the protein content and also add fiber. Maggi vegetable atta noodles have been launched claiming to be made of whole wheat flour. Cheese or processed cheese can also be added to enhance the flavor a well as the protein. Shredded chicken can also be added along with the vegetable to make it a complete meal.

· Spaghetti can be made instead of instant noodles as it is made of semolina and it contains higher fiber and nutrients when conpared against maggi noodle.