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Basil Noodle

Basil noodle is a dish influenced by the Chinese cuisine. Chinese people staying in Thailand and Laos made it popular across the globe. It is basically a stir-fried noodle dish which is made with broad rice noodles. Chili and basil add to it its distinctive spiciness.

Ingredients Used for Making Basil Noodles

Fresh basil leaves, all-purpose flour, water, eggs, chili and olive oil are the basic and traditional ingredients used for making basil noodles. However, as the dish evolved over the years, its variations also came up. Each variation uses a different set of ingredients.

Basil Noodles Recipe

Basil noodle is prepared by mixing finely chopped basil with all-purpose flour,eggs, water, and oil to make an elastic dough which is shaped into a jellly-like roll and then cut into slices of 1/4-inch each. These slices are separated and unrolled. The noodles are hung to dry and cooked in salted water until they become tender.

Serving Basil Noodles

They are garnished with cilantro and served hot.

Nutritional Information of Basil Noodles

Basil noodle has 200 calories per serving (2oz.). They are very low in cholesterol, sugar, saturated fat, and sodium.