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Fancy Food Show

Fancy Food Show is a massive exhibition of and for the food industry in the United States, conducted by the National Association for the Speciality Food Trade. Fancy Food Shows are held twice a year, both during summers and winters. As the name suggests, the show is all about “ fancy ” or speciality food and beverages. It is attended by over 40,000 people from 80 countries across the United States. Atleast 260,000 or more speciality food and beverage products are exhibited at the show.


Fancy Food shows have been running since its launch in 1955. The parent body – National Association for the Specialty Food Trade ( NASFT ) was established in 1952 as the primary non – profit business trade association, for the speciality food industry, estimated to be worth $70 billion. The main function of this international organisation is to promote all who are connected with the specialty food industry, such as manufacturers, producers, importers, retailers, brokers, distributors, caterers, restaurateurs and cooking schools. Presently it has a member base of more than 2900 companies, across the United States and across the world.


In order to be a part of the Fancy Food Shows, as an exhibitor or in any other capacity, one has to be a member of the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade. The NASFT allows five types of memberships – Producer / Supplier Members, Representative Members, Affiliate Members, Buyer – Retailer Network Members, and Member Candidates. Members enjoy a number of benefits such as absolute press and media presence and coverage, complimentary booth package, a first-time exhibitor mentoring programme, access to list of registered buyers, attendee discounts, shuttle bus schedules, free listing in the Official Show Directory and on site Product Locators, in addition to many more facilities.

The Fancy Food Shows are a huge event and organised on a large scale, spread across 320,000 square feet of exhibit space. There are atleast 2900 companies participating in the show with specialty food and beverage products ranging from 180,000 to 260,000. It is a grand platform for business networking and finding the most innovative products and latest food technologies. It also runs the Fancy Food Show Educational Programme, which offers classes on an individual basis offering package options as well, but does not include the entry badge required for entering the show.

Fancy Food Shows have a Specialty Food Magazine ( Digital Edition ), a Specialty Food Media Kit and their official website is Since 1972 they present the sofi Awards, which is the best and the most coveted awards in the food industry, in the world.


  • Summer Fancy Food Show will be held at Washington D.C. from 17th – 19th June, 2012.
  • Winter Fancy Food Show was held at San Francisco from 15th – 17th January, 2012.
  • Sofi stands for – specialty outstanding food innovation.
  • The sofi awards were initially known as the NASFT Product Awards, and at that time only two awards were given: Outstanding Domestic Product and Outstanding Imported Product.