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Porta-pizza oven for Cars!

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Do you love pizzas and long drives?? Are you wondering what kind of a question this is…?! Well then, if the answer was yes, then this latest invention from the world of culinary and cookware is about to fulfill your gastronomical dreams. Behold – ‘The Porta-Pizza Oven’!!



Made especially for cars,  the porta-pizza oven can be plugged right into your dashboard. The 12V potable oven has both high and low settings for cooking and warming. Easy to carry and use it comes with a built-in fold out carry handle and is also easy to clean.


Of course, there have been concerns over the safety of people burning, blowing up or maiming themselves over this unique piece of gadgetry. Yet used with caution and care, I cannot help but admit this is one cool creation. Go nut over these pizza lovers! They are good for your RV’s and trailers. Get them at -


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Porta-pizza Oven For Cars!