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The Cheese Lady’s Cheese Sculptures!

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Ever heard of Sarah Kauffmann? Well if you hadn’t then you are obviously not familiar with the ‘cheesy’ world of cheese carving! (no-pun intended)


Sarah creates amazing sculptures and figures out of cheese with her nimble and dexterous fingers. Nationally famous as the ‘Cheese Lady’, Sarah Kauffmann developed her fetish for cheese carving and honed her ‘cheddar head’ talents while working for the Wisconsin dairy industry for 16 years.


Her interest in cheese carving started from there and her first sculptures were used in trade and consumer promotions.  Sarah had even developed a cheese carving training program for interested pupils


Check out this collection of Sarah’s sculptures and notice the amazing attention to detail. This lady is one talented cheese sculptor!













Some of her notable works include a six-foot long aircraft carrier for the USS Regan, a 120 pound Mickey Mouse, a 300 pound gorilla, a six foot long cheddar gator for the university of Florida, several television personalities including Jay Leno, Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Al Roker and Ann Curry, and   Marc Sommers and sports stars Bret Favre and Mario Andretti).



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The Cheese Lady’s Cheese Sculptures!